01 May 2009

And Then I Woke Up...

Whoa. Where did April go?

I'm sitting here trying to think of a brilliant post that will wow you with humor and insight, but all I can think about is sore legs, oatmeal, rain, bike mileage, asthma, nutrition, and the fact that I still *need to raise $300 for the American Lung Association this month.

So I think I'll talk about swine flu.

We talked about it in 4-H yesterday, encouraging the kids to wash their hands, cover their coughs, and not pick their noses. We also informed the children, in no uncertain terms, that calling others "Swine!" was not very nice and would not be tolerated in our club...even if certain, non specific pirates reportedly used to say, "Aarrrrrrr, ya swine!"

Every newspaper is writing about it - swine flu, that is, not pirate name-calling - every tv channel and radio station is reporting on it. Every blog is blathering on about it. ie. 'Tis everywhere, even here on Groovy's blog.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when I was a dorky groovyyounglady, I had a job in a catalog showroom, (ie. smallish department store). I worked there through my junior and senior years of high school. At one point, a memo was given to all the employees stating that no one would be excused for calling in sick with influenza unless they had an official note from their doctor.

This puzzled me greatly. My dad left us when I was 8 years old. In the years that followed my mom worked 2 and sometimes 3 minimum wage jobs to keep us from sinking. We didn't get any governmental aid (my mom was too proud!) and we certainly didn't have any medical or dental benefits. Therefore, we only went to the doctor if there was an emergency. I couldn't fathom going to the doctor for the flu. It's just virus. You drink fluids, take vitamin C and some cold medicine and then get on with life. Right?

I shared these wise 17 year-old insights with the store manager. He looked alarmed, "Groovy, if you have the flu you NEED to see a doctor. People DIE from the flu."

Die? From the flu?

I thought he was nuts!

Frankly, I STILL think he's nuts. Of course, that's because I have a fairly good immune system and I'm not a baby or an elderly lady with a walker and lipstick on my eyebrows (yet). I'd hate for Grampy or GrammaJ to get this swine thing and I'd hate for my grandkids to get it. But - and here's the kicker - IT'S JUST THE FLU, FOLKS. SO GET A GRIP!

Unless you live in a third world nation, in which case I am seriously praying for you.

Thank you. I feel much better now.

Except for this sore throat.


And so ends that little episode except for one thing, if there are "third world nations", where are the "second world" nations? And do I, as an American, live in a "first world" nation?

Life has been excessively busy and I'm feeling it today. I'm WAY over tired. I did some stuff with GrammaJ and I'm speding the rest of this day just chillin' because, frankly, that's all my brain and body can handle.

*Fundraising for the Trek Across Maine is going... well, it's going. I've got $213 in my account and Mulletman has raised $198.

Next weekend, on the ninth, I'll be raffling off an original piece of artwork by my real-life friend Pat of My Meandering Mind. Pat makes some lovely and unusual artwork; I am honored that she's willing to help me raise money this way! I'll also be raffling off an LLBean jacket and a gift certificate for an 8" round cake, made to order. I'll be doing all this raffling at Earlybird's Barn Sale next Saturday.

Guess who has a big pile of yard sale stuff to sort through? And signs to make? And cupcakes to bake for the 4-H club fundraising that the girls will be running at the same time?

Guess who's also aiming for 100-120 miles of biking next week (I got in 70+ this week)? And who has a couple more quilts in the works? And has 30 official days of "school" left?

So if I'm not here much, please understand.

And please take the time to click those fundraising links in my sidebar. Even $5 will get me that much closer to my goal of $750!!!

My asthmatic lungs and I thank you!

Meanwhile, I'm looking for a quiet day of rest. July 30 looks clear...

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Marianne Arkins said...

I'm so with you on the flu thing... People are in this huge panic. Hello -- just the flu. Yes, ppl have died from it, but people die from the other flu, too.


Good luck with your bike ride and all the other stuff on your agenda. I'm ordering our standardized tests for the year -- and rejoice that school is nearly finished!

Happy Sunday.