20 April 2009

You Probably Thought Groovy Was on Vacation, But She Wasn't...

Only my typing was on vacation. The rest of me has just been caught up in a whirlwind of spring craziness.

Let's see if I can make a random list in no particular order of all that we've been doing so that you'll be impressed and will say, "Oh my! You are SO busy!", which is what folks usually say when I make posts like this which kinda makes me think so what's the point ? but I'll do it anyway because it gives me something to say and my, oh my, isn't this an intolerably long sentence?


- Rode my bike somewhere between 52-55 miles in 7 days. That's a good start, but I'd like to get in 70 miles this week and 80-100 miles every week thereafter. You can read more about my progress, roadblocks, and a special blessing from God HERE. You can donate to the American Lung Association there as well, or in my sidebar on this blog. Thanks for all your moral and financial support!

- Mulletman and I led worship and gave a concert yesterday at a small local church. We have an old Dylan song called "Satisfied Mind" that always gets a tremendous response.

No, I DON'T sing it like Dylan! Our style is old time, hard core blues - 'cause that's what you get when you put your trust in your bank account instead of in the God of the universe!

- We practiced and PRACTICED for the afore mentioned concert/worship service.

- We had 4-H:

Girly-Girl is working on her leadership skills, so she made a poster of how to prepare for a 4-H goat show. Then she and Silly-Head and another friend taught the info to the other children.

Here are the girls with their new goatlings. These little buggers are Nigerian Dwarfs - not my favorite breed, but they are, of course, adorable when they're kids.

Silly-Head with Zoe.

Girly-Girl with Zemmaline.

-We had the requisite Easter family gathering. After a lovely Easter church service where Girly-Girl sang in the kids' choir (sorry no pics, stupid camera!), I baked a ham and some awesome herb rolls and coleslaw and GrammaJ made dessert and Grammy cooked up lots of veggies. The guest list included the four of us (duh!), all 3 folks, Uncle Grumpy-Pants, Pretty Mom and my 3 adorable and never annoying grandchildren.

It was wonderful day!

Here's Ji-Ji. He looks a maniacal, but it's the best picture I mananged to get of him during the playing-in-Gramma's-basement chaos.

This is Cookie trying out the disgustingly dusty school desk that will be refurbished for her in a year or two.

And here's Fireball in one of her quieter moods.

Oh...and Easter? That's usually when the girlies beg me to make them Easter dresses and I wimp out, BUY them shirts, and sew them skirts instead.

-This week we also went to the nursing home and had a fabulous time leading walker aerobics.

Just kidding!

We sang to the residents and doled out numerous hugs. To tell the truth, I don't think the folks there give a rat's whisker whether Early-Bird and I come, but OH how they love all the little girls we bring; my two, Early-Bird's Peanut, and two other little homeschooled sweeties. The girls make cards and tissue paper flowers. They sing and talk childish talk and hug the residents. My girl always bring a doll or stuffed animal to show off. It's great fun! I'm starting to think of it as one of my favorite activities!

-We worked on quilts for the orphans in Swaziland. We have dear friends there who run an orphanage and work with a local church. Two other friends are planning an excursion there in June, so the rush is on to get quilts made before they leave so they can take them in their luggage. This quilt is almost finished:

-This week I also did a slew of chored for GrammaJ and took her on a marathon shopping trip and had her over here to visit on both Easter and yesterday.

-I manage to contract a stupid cold. I am fighting said cold for all I am worth with vitamin C, elderberry syrup, and zinc gluconate!

-I cleaned my house.

- I had school with the girlies.

- I wrote a song.

- I prayed for North Africa.

- I researched language programs; Mulletman and I are considering studying Arabic. Anybody have any recommendations?

- Somewhere in there I cooked and planned and talked to people, bathed, brushed my teeth, lifted weights, greeted "Aunt Flo", delivered Pampered Chef from that party I may or may not have had, and slept. Happily for me, Mulletman did all the laundry!

-I noticed that Girly-Girl had a harvest to reap! (We shall eat that WHOLE green bean for lunch today!)

Things that I did not do this past week but hope to do soon:

- I did NOT hear from Scout. I miss him!

-I did not spruce up and refine the song I wrote.

-I did not write to Misti in China or Pinky in India.

-I did not write on either of my novels.

-I didn't take a day to just "goof off".

-I didn't dig up the veggie garden.

OK...enough about my groovy self. In between today's to-do list I'll be by to see what YOU've been doing!

Lastly - a take away from yesterday's sermon at the church we sang at:

Every morning when you get up, ask the Lord W. H. A. T. He wants you to do that day; ask Him to be Lord of your Words, your Heart, your Actions, and your Thoughts.


notcon4med said...

So, what church was it?
As for suggestions for Arabic, I do have one.

If you're actually serious about it you might want to consider a subscription to audible.com. I'm not sure about the exact prices now, but when I subscribed, I was able to get all three level of Portuguese for only 12 dollars each. You'd have to agree to some time of subscription, but you can get some great audio books for the girls or whatever. Any way you look at it, it's a good deal. Pimsleur costs over 300.00 per level ordinarily.

Dawn said...

Kev took some Arabic from the university - it is very hard. He has the gift of languages, but struggled. Part of the problem for him was the teacher - direction from Saudi, probably, with hard to understand accent.

It was good to hear from you - no wonder you haven't written!

Thanks for the encouragement that I am not thrilled with the current state of events. I feel guilty, because so many who blog sound like they are having so much fun with the retirement thing.

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh those kids are so cute!!! (Even the human ones)

Damselfly said...

Woman, do you ever sleep?! Are you sure you were just joking about the walker aerobics?

Anonymous said...

Well, I think Girly Girl's green bean harvest is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I love the goats too. Always such a joy to visit you, Groovy!

Anonymous said...

Hey ya, hi ya! Busy, busy you. Still cross eyed from the cross stitch?

Susan said...

What a fun, exciting, productive life you guys live. It is wonderful!!!!! How you manage to get in that many miles of bike riding is amazing to me. Keep up the good work.

Susan said...

P.S. Loved all the pictures!!

Lauri said...

Such a full and productive life you lead- very refreshing! And I too love the pictures. Congrats on the bike riding.