03 April 2009

Happy, Sad, Happy, Sad...

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Well folks, today marks the 27th anniversary of wedded bliss with my adorable Mulletman. The celebrations have been rather anti-climactic thus far. I'm all puffy and swollen and high on prednisone and he's foggy on allergy meds.

He has to work a 12 hour shift today. So yesterday we went on a lunch date to my all time favorite local restaurant, Eric's. (Sorry, they're a small business with no web presence. Just trust me when I say they have a lovely atmosphere, wonderful food and terrific prices!) We sat in our classy, comfy chairs and stared at our menus and...well...that was pretty much it. ;-). I think the waitress had to come by 4 times before we finally gave her an order. After we ate we were both ready to just pick up the kids and go home, but we realized we'd only been gone an hour. What kind of date is that? So we set out for a rather numb amble through Goodwill and the Salvation Army and the pawn shop downtown.

Yes, I know. I have overwhelmed you with the excitement and romance.

Actually, we're planning on bugging out to a Bed and Breakfast in a week or two. I promise we'll be satisfyingly dewey eyed then. As it is, Mulletman left me a note on the bathroom mirror this morning:

To my sweet lady of 27 years,
Lord knows we've had our time of tears,
But those are eclipsed by times of joy and contentment,
And with you I will keep my commitment.

I love you,

*sniff* He's my honey!


Do you ever have one of those days where you write whole paragraphs about things that are on your heart and then read what you wrote and realize you shouldn't post it on your blog for the whole world to read? Yeah...I've hit the delete button a coupla times already.

Insert sad issue here.


Well, yesterday was the first day in over a week that my knees and feet weren't all swollen, so I was able to do all that romantic walking. Yippee! My bike is at the shop being tuned up so I can ride the rubber off the tires as soon as I get it back. I've still been able to do squats if I do them early in the morning before I took the prednisone and I've been working my abs and back and doing push-ups. No aerobics, though. Like I said, yesterday was the first day I could really walk at all. Besides that, the prednisone makes me very foggy and dizzy and high - not safe for bike riding or treadmilling!

Nonetheless, I go to the lowest dose starting tomorrow, so things should be rapidly improving. Training WILL proceed!

Training for what? Huh? Hey...where have you been? I'm going to be riding in the Trek Across Maine to raise money for the American Lung Association; 180 miles in three days in June.

My asthma has been particularly bad now that the weather is warming up. I don't know about you, but I am rather fond of, ya know BREATHING and all. I'd be THRILLED if the ALA found ways to prevent asthma or to treat it more effectively. You can help by sending money. See those two links on the top of my sidebar? Click, Donate, Pat Yourself on the back. That's all there is to it!

Your U.S. donation is tax deductable and you'll be helping thousands of wheezers like me!


We've a really sad situation here that needs your prayers: A young family - the H's. Mr. H is 26, his wife 24. They have 3 children ages 2 years, 4 years, and 1 month. There was an accident where Mr. H laid the baby on the bed while he went to take care of an issue with the other two children. The baby rolled off the bed and hit his head sustaining serious head trauma.

The baby has (praise God!) recovered and is apparently going to be fine. However, Mr. H has to go to court under the suspicion of abuse - They're saying he "purposely dropped the child".

Now...when Scout was a wee one - 7 months old, I laid him on the changing table for a new diaper. Unfortunately, I was missing something needed for the change. I took two steps away from the baby to quickly grab what I needed and PLOP, he immediately rolled off the dresser onto the floor.

To make a long story short, a ten second lapse in mommy smarts resulted in me having a baby with a broken leg! I was horrified at what I'd done and the guilt was unimaginable. Fortunately, our doctor was kind and compassionate and was quick to recognize that making a mistake was not the same as being abusive or neglectful!

So please pray for Mr. H - for truth to be born out and for for mercy to be shown - because it gets worse: Wednesday Mrs. H was driving in her car on the way to see her little ones and was killed in a car wreck.

Folks 'round here are reeling. Our church family has been praying earnestly for the baby and for Mr. H's case, then this news about the mom... I can't even fathom what Mr. H is going through and - oh gracious - those poor little ones who are now motherless and have a daddy who is temporarily "unavailable" to them.

It's all just SO sad!

Happy (and frustrated)

This is precisely why I collect THESE.

[Gah! Blogger! You are making me angry! For whatever reason, I can't embed the video here.]

It's worth it. Go see it.


I can't get this blog looking like I want it...Keep checking back!


27 years! Woot!


Marianne Arkins said...

The abuse charges are one of those things that are terrifying to consider as a parent.

When my DD was VERY young, she managed to push her high chair over (it was near the breakfast bar, and she put her feet out and SHOVED).

BOOM! She landed on her face. After the initial terror, all I could think was: if I call the doctor, will they report me for abuse? It looked like I'd punched her in the nose! My doctor, thankfully, did not report me, but how awful is it that we have to consider losing our children to foster care if we take them in to see a doctor after an accident?

I'm sure all parents have similar tales of woe with their babies. Accidents HAPPEN.

Poor babies. Poor Mr. H.

Hang in there!

Marianne Arkins said...


I forgot to say:

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan said...

Happy Annversary and you'll enjoy the B&B getaway even more later. So terrible about the H family. One wonders why some people have to bare so much.

Loved the wedding pictures. Thanks for posting them. You both still look great, too!!!!

Superwoman said...

First, Happy Anniversary!
Second, my heart almost broke reading about the H family. When Cookie was about two he put his hand on the burner while we were making mac-n-cheese. I think I had to tell the story about 50 times in the hospital before they let me go home and even then I was terrified that DCFS was going to show up the next day and take him away from me, thankfully they didn't but, wow, my heart goes out to this young family. I hope they have good family and community support.

Keetha Broyles said...

I love, love, LOVE those wedding pictures.

Also a big pat on the back for showing some discretion in what you will and will not share on your blog. I know we are TEMPTED to lay all the painful details out because our blogging family is sooooooo supportive, but I have often read things on various blogs and winced inside and thought "Oh, I wish that person would have been much more general in their request for prayer. I think this is especially important when many of the details involve others than the author. The "others" in the tale are real people with real needs/hurts/issues too, and I guess I feel that we shouldn't air their laundry for them.

Karen said...

The tragic story of the H family just breaks my heart. Parenting is hard enough with the usual stuff kids do, and mistakes happen, sometimes with tragic results. But they are mistakes, and no one should suffer like that for a moment of a mental lapse.

I nearly burnt down our old house when I forgot about something on the stove and we left to visit friends for a couple hours.

Happy anniversary to the Groovies, and many, many more.

Damselfly said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! That's great! Seeing your wedding photos was so fun.

Will be praying for the H.s....

Bear said...

Happy Anniversary Groovy & MM... you both look so... happy?... no... 80s, that's it, you both look so Eighties. I bet there was a mirror-ball and lit dance floor at the reception.

A note on the mirror from MM? (mushy, mushy, mushy... tehe)

I'm so saddened by the H's plight and my heart goes out to them. We have mandatory reporting here in Aus, but our system recognises that abuse is rarely a single isolated act, and is careful not to stop parents taking their accidentally injured child to the Doctor for fear of being reported. A difficult balance, and one that needs to be applied very carefully.

I wasn't far wrong when I suggested that a romantic gift would be something for your bike... a 'Wedding Anniversary' tune up is pretty close.

Hahahaha... Word Verification - DISCO - I kid you not.

Lauri said...

Bear- I often think there are WV spies hidden in the computer. Disco confirms that.

Groovy congrats to you and your hubby!! In these trying times keeping a marriage strong, loving and happy is something to be very proud of. Writing poems on the mirror is a step in the right direction as far as I'm concerned.

As for the H's it really is heartbreaking. Is there no sense behind these laws?

Carla Gade said...

Happy belated anniversary!