15 February 2009

Some Groovy Romance

Here it is. The late breaking Valentine's news from Groovy.

Because I know your life won't be complete unless you know how my Valentine's Day went.

First of all, our pastor decided to show this video in church last Sunday as a "public service announcement" to all our menfolk.

Because my husband refuses to be manipulated by the media and by commercialism, he absolutely did NOT buy me any jewelry from J.C Penny's for Valentine's Day.

No, he bought it and gave it to me on February 11th. Which, as you can totally see, had NOTHING to do with his viewing of the aforeposted video. Nothing. at. all.

What did he give me? Some lovely sterling silver earrings. See?

They're pretty and they're sparkly and they're dangly - all the things Groovy likes in an earring!

Mulletman didn't forget the girls either. He got them each a lovely silver cross with footprints on it and they were accompnied by a copy of the Footprints poem. Then he took us all out for a nice lunch and (unheard of!) we all had dessert!

The girls and I weren't remiss either. With their help I made one of Mulletman's favorite desserts - this lovely Boston Cream Pie:

I also gave him one big, mushy card and then hid 32 individual "Hello Kitty" valentine cards all over the house and car and garage. He still hasn't found them all!


On Valentine's day itself, Mulletman had to work. Besides that, his dad had a bad spell following gall bladder surgery and was taken to the hospital. (Fortunately, he's doing much better now and is back home.) Nonetheless, the girls and I had a nice day. In the morning we picked up Gramma and went to the local Chocolate Festival where we scored much chocolate and this adorable homemade apron for only $7!!

The girls found cute little outfits for their teddy bears too.

After the festival we ate lunch out. Then it was party time. We went over to EarlyBird's house for the first annual Bluebird Pond 4-H Valentine Party. There were crafts, there games, there was food, there was laughter, and there were Valentines. It was a very fun and festive fete!

After that we stopped by Goat-Lady's house to drop off some Valentines. We hadn't been there for a looooong time, so we ended up staying and visiting and petting goat babies (so cute!) and getting all caught up. It was awesome!

By the time we got home we were exhausted, but it was worth it all! I think, excepting Grampy's emergency run, it was a very satisfying celebration!



Susan said...

Sounds great!!!

Marianne Arkins said...

LOL... my DH sent me the Doghouse at Christmas -- we both had a laugh because I've gotten appliances (vacuum, shampooer and slow cooker) the last THREE Christmases and the time before I got a set of pots. And I was happy about it. I'm weird.

and then hid 32 individual "Hello Kitty" valentine cards all over the house and car and garage

I am SO going to do that. Tomorrow. Going to go get the marked down V-Day kids cards at Wally World and do that.


green gables girl said...

Wow, your Valentine's day- or week- sounds wonderful! Those earrings are beautiful...and love the apron you got!! A chocolate festival? I so wish I could have gone!

Also, I forgot to remind you about the Home School Open House today...(but I will be leaving it up for a couple more days!)
If nothing else, stop on by! :)

Dawn said...

What a great V-Day! Or week. Much more festive than ours. We celebrated Kev's b-day on Friday, which has always taken precedence over V-Day - even in LOVEland!