09 December 2008

I'm a Groovy Winner and a Groovy Loser!

Wow. What a week!

I've won a solar recharger worth $150! I went to Modern Eco Homes to enter and I told them how the girlies had raided the recycling bin to make their Christmas gifts. And I WON! Is that groovy, or what?

Here are my recycling champs:

And this is the amazing Solio recharger. It can charge all my handheld devices!

Ironically, we only own ONE handheld device - Mulletman's iPod. But it's still very groovy!

Then, I bought two $1 raffle tickets downtown for a victorian doll and for a complete ice cream serving set and coupons for sundae ingredients. I got the call yesterday that we won the doll! Isn't she pretty? All her clothes and the quilt behind her are homemade. :D

As you see, Girly-Girl is maniacally happy about the doll! Silly-Head is happy too because now her sister will let her use a much coveted other doll from the hallowed and sacred dolly bed.

Lastly, I won a random Disney surprise from Damselfly. I don't know what it is yet, but I shall post a picture as soon as it arrives.

I've also lost some things this week.

I've lost my son, in a manner of speaking only. He shipped off to war early this morning. Happily, he just bought a new laptop with a webcam, so we'll be able to keep in contact. In fact, I'll probably hear from him more than I did when he was in Texas! :D

My other loss was 2 solid pounds of bloat after only 24 hours on the Flat Belly Diet. Whee-Haw! I have my third post up on my diet blog now.

On a sadder note, I've also lost my brain and my energy due to fewer calories, no caffeine, and hormone fluxuations.


Hopefully that'll all clear up when I conclude the first four days of the Flat Belly Diet. The first four days are more restrictive in order to help "de-bloat" the participants. I'll be done with that part Thursday night and move on to the more livable portion of the diet plan on Friday.

OK...off to have school with the girlies (if I can A. stay awake and B. get them in out of the snow) and finish the Christmas cards for my writer's group on Writers Weekly. Have a lovely day, all of you!



notcon4med said...

Let's hear it for sugar! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!
Sorry...that probably was not very helpful or supportive of you or your future flat belly...I mean your even now flattening belly!
: D

Susan said...

Yeah for the blessings of the 2 wins!!! The doll, clothes & quilt are special. So proud of your girls!!!!

Good on your diet....Mine, I'm sorry to say, is in abeyence until after January 1st. I keep gaining and losing the same 2 lbs....over & over & OVER!!!!

Dawn said...

I'll have to come over and check out this new food plan (which I prefer to the word "diet")! Congrats! One all counts!

Rita Loca said...

I have added your son to my permanent prayer list.

Unknown said...

The word "bloat" makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. Smother.

Praying for your boy! HUG.

Congratulations on all the wins! :o)