01 November 2008

Where'd THIS character come From???

**EDIT** Oh you folks are awesome! Here's the list thus far:

Make up, Lotion, those personal "girl" things, Painkillers, cellphone, Wallet, Keys, A book, I-pod, Snacks, Bottle of water, Shoes: she claims "Chances are throughout the day I'll have to do some swapping between my "cute shoes" and my "comfortable shoes", small Bible, Mirror, Sweater, Umbrella, a pocket dictionary, throat lozenges, a real handkerchief, a miniature stapler, and two pair of sunglasses (in case she misplaces one pair). Eye drops. A dog whistle, a key ring with keys she doesn't know what they belong to, Duct tape (ala MacGuyver), An air horn, a novel written in Japanese given to her by a missionary. She can't read it, but she claims it makes her feel close to the Japanese people, chopsticks, a bologna sandwich, a can of mace, a ball glove with ball, swimming goggles, chapstick, gum - - - bubble, not sugarless, camera - digital and video, clipboard, rabbit's foot, thesaurus, and if Keetha was in charge- - - one full size football.

And now, if you're up for it, my writing friend Marianne needs some ideas too. Her main character is dealing with a garage full of unfamiliar boxes belonging to her deceased mother. Do YOU know what's in any of them? Comment on her blog and fill her in, will ya?

Oh...up to 2,944 words. My right hand is hurting and my brain is getting foggy, but I am soldiering on! C'mon 5,000!


And so I'm typing away - up to 2,174 words - and my story is absolutely NOTHING like I'd envisioned it. No matter. I like it. I love that the characters have already taken over. In fact, Dell was on the bus riding to school after a bad morning, just minding his own business when a new character leaped onto the page. I have NEVER met this character before, so I need some help.

Her name is Janice Hillman and she's 15. Here's how she showed up:

My thoughts were interrupted as a large body plopped down forcefully into the other side of my seat. Janice wrestled her backpack and purse into the inadequate space between her oversized self and the back of the seat in front of her. I always thought of Janice as an amazon. She was almost 6 ft. tall with broad shoulders, ample "padding" all 'round and bushy hair that made her look even more imposing. She had thick lips, a large-ish nose, and big framed glasses. She definitely would not qualify as pretty, but she was cheerful and funny and took jokes about her looks with indelible good will. Evie would say that Janice was beautiful on the inside. I guess she was.

Most of the girls at school carried purses with typical girl stuff in them. Make-up, brushes, pencils, wallets, keys. Janice was different. Her purse was simply amazing. It was the size of a small suitcase and contained every small object known to man. It was like she was always waiting for her chance to be called up on a tv game show to procure some unexpectedly odd item from its inner recesses. I'd seen her unearth items as diverse as ....______________________________.

Diverse as WHAT? What odd items does Janice carry in her purse??? Please help me out here. Oh, and the longer your list, the higher my word count. So don't hold back!



Bluegrass Mama said...

an umbrella, a pocket dictionary, throat lozenges, a real handkerchief, a miniature stapler, and even reading glasses, though she was decades away from needing the last item.

groovyoldlady said...

I like 'em all -except I'll change the reading glasses to 2 pair of sunglasses 'cause she already wears glasses.

Keetha Broyles said...

First of all, in my experience the "Janices" of this world DO NOT carry purses. I believe they carry backpacks or grocery sacks.

In them? Hmmmmmmm lets see - - - -
a bologna sandwich, age immaterial
a can of mace
a ball glove with ball
a book - - - possibly an entire boxed set
swimming goggles
gum - - - bubble, not sugarless
camera - digital and video
rabbit's foot
and if I am Janice - - - one full size football

Marianne Arkins said...

Definitely need a book... make it something odd (maybe even in a different language... like Chinese).

Snack foods of all kinds.

Eye drops.

A dog whistle.

a key ring with keys she doesn't know what they belong to.

Duct tape (ala MacGuyver)

An air horn.

Now... can you finish filling the boxes in Sunny's garage? *G*

Actually, you did help this a.m. -- but should any of your readers care to assist me, too, feel free to pop over folks and help!

groovyoldlady said...

The ideas are great. She's going to be pulling ALL of these items out at various points in the story!

anno said...

I can't believe no one has mentioned an atlas or a dictionary, a laptop, or a calculator (all items I happen to carry in my bag at all times). Not to mention a flashlight, first aid kit and that book survival tips just in case the ice age comes upon us more suddenly than anybody expects. A Bible! Um. Snacks. A tennis racket. Ok, maybe that's scraping the bottom. Should have quite while I was ahead. Sounds like you're doing great!

Anonymous said...

Okay Groovy, you are not playing fair. You are an OVERACHIEVER! 5,000 words? You'll be done in ten days.

I'm insanely jealous and gobbling down unsweetened baker's chocolate in my desperate attempt to attain Grooviness.

I think you have an unfair advantage with that hat. Is it whispering new characters and ideas into your head?

No matter how much your hat is helping you to cheat, I am insanely proud of you and coveting your word count.

Now. Off to do my own little measly 1,700 word goal. With every one I shed a drop of blood. Better replace it with chocolate.

Keep it up, Girl!

groovyoldlady said...

Fear not, Ann. I have a feeling there will be too many days with NO words. I've got to make good use of the time I have while I have it!