11 November 2008

"We were interrupted by the sound of frantic screaming."

Ok...so Dell and his father are having an uncomfortable discussion about Dell's psychotic mom. They're in a gazebo in a public park and suddenly "We were interrupted by the sound of frantic screaming."

Why? Who is screaming? What's happened to them?

First, you need to know who's there. We have all of Dell's band members setting up for an outdoor birthday party concert for 13 year old Candy (side note; Candy's older sister, Tania is dating the lead guitarist). We have Dell's family: Father, step-mom, full sister Cassie 13, half siblings Bethie (9), Marcus(6), and Seth(2). Marcus is wearing a woman's short, silk flowered robe over his clothes and calls it his "traditional Japanese clothing".

It is late morning and one would assume there are also other folk in the park.

I need to go vacuum and have school for the girls. In the meantime you can tell me if:

A. One of the kids was stung by a bee.

B. A large rotweiller has hold of Marcus' robe and now they're playing a not so friendly game of tug-o-war.

C. Some whacko just ran into the park waving a machete and screaming in a foreign language. (bonus points if you tell me what the language is and WHY this person is here.)

D. A band member fell off the gazebo staging and there is blood.

E. Dell's real mother has arrived and she has a gun.

F. The screaming is emanating from juvenile females who are in raptures that the band is already at the park.

G. Little Seth ate an unidentified mushroom.

H. Your own idea....(Fill me in, please!)


Aidokime said...

I'm fond of the rotweiller idea. Probably because it could lead to generous descriptions of how Marcus is going to get himself a new robe, and what it will look like-- better or worse. All depends on what sort of direction you want to take it in.
The Whacko with the Machetti is screaming in swahilli, which, I'm told, that the curses sound worse than a horse kicking down a galvanized steel shed with cast iron horse shoes and a bull in a china shop. It's his dog. He is Scottish, so the Swahilli will sound even more complicatedly incomprehensable than it would normally sound.:)

Karen said...

Ah, and he's yelling at his dog in Swahili because that's what the dog's original owner spoke.

The machete is in his hand because he was using to to clear some brush away from an area where he wanted to use his metal detector.

groovyoldlady said...

Note to self...never drink a warm beverage while reading helpful comments from crazy writers.

Anybody got a towel?

(Does this mean I now need to go research Swahili swear words? Sheesh!)

Aidokime said...

You could always just describe them. I know my friend who learned a few said something about a rampaging rhino in a corrugated galvanized steel shed. Don't have to worry about exactly /what/ is being said. Not so many people are going to either 1) know Swahilli, or 2) Care if you use the genuine article. :)

Dawn said...

Kev and his wife speak Swahili to each other, but I am assuming I've never heard swear words coming form their mouths! It is fun to listen to, that's all I know. But we tell them that it's impolite to speak Swahili in front of the rest of us!

I was very confused at first - until I finally realized you were talking about your characters.

Susan said...

Thanks for your comment about the health care issues facing our beloved country. It was interesting to hear your husband is a cardiac ICU nurse having just experienced that and the wonderful ones Mickey was blessed with. :o)

Ms. Kathleen said...

Dell fell off the stage when he saw his mother running around chasing his Dad and some floozie with a gun and the screaming juveniles are screaming about the mom with the gun, the floozie who isn't wearing much and the Wshacko swinging a machete in the park - Who is also chasing the floozie who happens to be his wife. The rest of the band is just sitting on stage watching the show. The end. ☺

Marianne Arkins said...

I'm ... speechless. LOL... Your blog readers have great ideas.

But, Kathleen, you forgot about the rottie! *G*

Carole Burant said...

Having just watched the movie "Shroom", I'm sure hoping that little Seth hasn't eaten an unidentified mushroom! lol Hmmmm, I'm thinking Dell's real mother has arrived and she has a gun...is she carrying a gun as self defense OR to hurt someone??? *shrugs*

groovyoldlady said...

Ah Pea, The mother/exwife is an enigma at the moment. I am still figuring out what motivates her, so I think I'll leave her in the background for now. However, I have a feeling she will show up incognito to see Dell's concert.