11 August 2008

In Which Groovy Gives Many Lame Excuses

I don't have a new post for you because:

A. My brain is mush.

B. I have company (Three cheers for Notcon4med and family!)

C. I'm emotionally exhausted from dealing with a whiny child and a high miantenance husband family member of undisclosed identity.

D. My muse is on vacation.

E. I have no chocolate to inspire me.

F. Too many dishes to do!

G. I'm in the middle of planning food and fun for next week while simultaneously enjoying this week.

H. I'm wicked tired...

I. I'm not wearing my happy underwear.

J. It's hard to type coherently whilst also listening to Adventures in Odyssey over and over and over again. (I love me some Eugene Meltzner!)

K. I need to trim my nails 'cause they're clicking annoyingly on the keyboard.

L. I'm reliving our visit earlier today with Jenn (with 2 Ns).

M. I'm too busy pondering why I'm an American slug who only knows one language.

N. I've been playing on Facebook.

O. I don't have time to post here now because I tried to find one particular Saturday Night Live clip and ended watching several other clips and laughing 'til I cried. (I never did find the video I sought.)

P. I'm too distraught over the lack of decent presidential candidates.

Q. I'm all off kilter; the folks only gave me half the Sunday paper yesterday!

R. It was cloudy today. Again.

S. I've been overeating and I feel rather...irregular (Shut up, Funsocksgirl!)

T. I'm reliving the Cold War. (with the Soviets, not with my nose)

U. I blew up one too many air mattresses today!

V. It's almost time to put the girls to bed.

W. My tap water tastes and smells awful (too much manganese), so it's hard to sit still.

X. Mulletman will be home in 15 minutes.

Y. I've got 2 itchy bug bites.

Z. I wasted my time writing all these excuses.


Keetha Broyles said...

Happy underwear???? Isn't that TMI????

Char said...

Yes, but some of these excuses are really good. I've used the itchy bug bites one for a lot of things. ;^)

P.S. You can now reach my blog by clicking the name link.

Dawn said...

Okay, now, I had no good ideas today, but I didn't come up with such a good "non post." You are really something!

I'm muting all political ads! It's gonna be a long 3 months.

Marianne Arkins said...


Isn't there a law against that?

Do you have Bowling Buddies on Facebook??? I'll have to challenge you. *G*

Rita Loca said...

hello from Paraguay!

Susan said...

But they were funny!!

Tammy said...

I feel like posting this for why I've been so behind visiting everyone's blogs lately...well, some of my excuses would be different than yours...but I'll take a few of yours, thank you. I'm not wearing my happy underwear either...in fact, I'm not sure I have any happy ones. I guess I'd better go shopping...heehee

Anonymous said...

The happy underwear comment has got me. I can't type for laughing -jghrsfcvgvgtyfhbvjhoibcfdvhbnihytdcyy.
Good one!

anno said...

Groovy, even when you claim to be without inspiration, you do better than the rest of us! Too funny! Hope you are looking forward to a peaceful and chocolate-filled weekend... with plenty of clean happy underwear.

Lori said...

I see your still as funny as ever.

You make me laugh!



I love your hair cut.