09 July 2008


The pole at the end of our driveway was struck by lightening while we were at goat camp. Consequently Groovy's computer is in the shop getting a new ethernet port. Aaaaaaaannnnd, the shop is backlogged, so it may take a while. On a positive note, our 'puter is still under warranty so the repair will be free. :-)

Until the repairs are completed, computing shall be intermittent at best because we are borrowing the folks' computer and don't want to overstay our welcome (if ya know what I mean).

Please stay tuned!


Marianne Arkins said...

Wow... serious bummer. But, we've had some pretty stupendous thunderstorms lately, haven't we?

How was goat camp?

Dawn said...

Yikes! Well, welcome back anyway! Thanks for letting us know.

Not Hannah said...

Miss you, chicken. Hope Goat Camp was a blast. (Not the lightning kind, though.)

BTW, you inspired me to hack ten inches off of my hair. Woohoo!

Corn Dog said...

Wow! I hope that was the only thing that got struck. Welcome home with a zippity do da.

Angry said...

yOu kNoW WhAt,,,/ tHe SaMe HaPpEnEd tO mE BuT ForTunAtElY tHe CoMpUtEr sUfFeReD nO iLL EfEcTs.

Keetha Broyles said...

Glad you're back - - - even if we don't get to hear much out of you for a while.

Karen said...

Welcome home, dahlin'. Sorry about the toasted electrical system.

Friends of mine went through something similar, only there was a lot of expensive printing equipment that got fried (she's a graphic artist who does her own prints).

They lost their stove, fridge, microwave, toaster, phone, coffee maker, computers... yeah. Oh, and it was due to carelessness of the guys trimming the branches of the tree next door.

Yay to the folks' for being there to get things back on track and to loan you a computer.

I've missed you, lady!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Groovy, I'm so sorry to hear about the lightning strike. Thank goodness no one was hurt. So good to have you back. I missed ya!