23 July 2008

In Which Groovy is Called "Sexy" and "Sultry"...By Her Husband, No Less!!!

O... You people crack me up. You also give me WAAAAY more credit than I am due. I actually had no idea whatsoever that I had posted anything until I started getting comments. My theory is that that I was getting ready to write this post and I accidentally leaned on the keyboard.

Or maybe not.


Now onto the real post!


It was the very last day of VBS and we all, workers and children alike, were pumped to the brim with adrenaline. Even an hour before the program actually started, I was already speaking in my dreadful, but tremendously fun accent.

To everyone.

All the time.

Jah? Uf course, Jah!

One woman looked at me over her glasses and commented, "Well, Dr. G, I take it it's difficult for you to step out of character outside of VBS..."

Immediately I heard a couple other folks pipe up, "She even talks like that at Walmart!" "She does it in the parking lot of the grocery store." "I heard her at the park with her kids."

I blushed slightly and admitted, "Jah, Dr. G is even talking in berry bad accent to husband at supper table! He getting berry bad headache!"

Which was true. Well, the bad accent part that is. Suddenly though, I found myself wondering if it really did bug him, because he hadn't complained or anything. He hadn't even taken any aspirin or made a run for his i-pod.

I decided to ask him: "Honey, I know I keep slipping into my horrific accent at random moments at home. Am I driving you crazy?"

"Oh no, not at all," he replied. "In fact, it's kinda like suddenly being married to a sexy, sultry Russian beauty.



Russian? (with some German/Irish/Swedish/Jewish influences?)


Oh yes, that was definitely me ALL WEEK LONG at VBS. See?

I am married to one sweet and precious man.

Jah? Uf course, Jah!

And he was looking pretty special during VBS too (as was my dear friend "Morphing Mary" - She got crazier and crazier looking as the week progressed)...

This is his Dang-these-songs-have-motions-and-I-don't-know-them look.

Oh well, at least the girlies were cute!

Here's Silly-Head with her "crew". She's the absolutely adorable child on the right.

And Girly-Girl!

Our Pastor? Not so cute... (But we love him anyway!)


Susan said...

I'd love to have you at a party, Groovy!!!!

Yes, nothing takes our God by surprise and He holds us in the psalm of His hand.

Karen said...

I remember the year I helped with the music for VBS. I was in charge of putting the words up on the overhead. Um, just FYI, never, EVER give that task to someone who is dyslexic and can read forwards and backwards because it all makes the same sense in the brain.

Karen said...

So, I guess I'll finish my post...

Anyway, I'd plop the transparency up on the projector and no one would sing. I'd look at it and, unless it was upside down, it would take me a while to figure out what the problem was.

Guess who was NOT asked to do music the following year...!

Keetha Broyles said...

So Groovy, were you the story teller or were you acting in skits?

I've done children's ministries for years in which I travel to various places to be the "presenter" at VBS's, camps etc and I like to dress for the theme too!!! Are we sisters?

groovyoldlady said...

The lab coat and goggles were "required" attire for all department heads - Though I ditched the coat for the boat day. The wildly curled hair and the tons of glamorous glitter make-up which the photos, sadly, do not show, as well as the foreign scientist persona were all my own additions to the part.

In years past we have acted out portions of the stories and involved the kids in the action. This year I was more of a dramatic story teller.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! That's exactly what I saw... sexy and sultry. Hey, don't fight the man... if it ain't broke, don't try and fix it! LOL!!

Carole Burant said...

Now how come I've missed so many of your posts...even the O one??? lol I've been such a bad commenter lately but I'm now caught up with all your news:-) First. let me say I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new haircut!!! You look FAB-ULOUS DAH-LINK!!

Sounds like a fun time at VBS...leave it to you to make it so much fun! hehe Your boots are to die for...hehe! I so loved all the pictures and no doubt your accent was very ummm....sultry and sexy was it?? lol xoxo

Dawn said...

I'll bet your stop was the most popular one during VBS.

The commenter who talked about putting up transparencies on the overhead really brought back memories - and dated us!

anno said...

Wonderful pictures! And yes, you are definitely, sexy, sultry, totally beautiful!

Corn Dog said...

LOL! Loved the pictures. They were a hoot, including the Pastors.

Corn Dog said...
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Lori said...

HOw fun! You do make me laugh.

I love your new hair cut.


Anonymous said...

I want to join your class. You are a born performer/teacher/sultry Russian scientist. Those kids must have had a lot of fun!