05 June 2008

Panic is Setting In...

One week from today I will be at the Sunday River Ski Resort in western Maine checking in 2,000 cyclists for the Trek Across Maine.

For some totally bizarre reason my husband, who has done no/none/zero/zilch/nada fundraising, HAS ALL HIS MONEY collected. On the other hand, I, who have written blog entries and emails and letters and even smilingly held out my hand for cash, am still SHORT! Of FUNDS! (I am also short of stature, but that's another story entirely.)

How in the world did THAT happen???????


So here it is.

One last desperate plea:

PLEASE support the American Lung Association of Maine by clicking on my donation link in my sidebar. Even $5 would be FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! (and $500 would be miraculous!)


Whoo-Hoo! I just received $10....Keep it coming folks!

(I wuv you people...sniffle, sniffle)

Wait...Now I've got another $15.

That's $25 in just a very few hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You folks ROCK!!!!

I only need $20 more and the bank (I ride on our bank's team) will kick in the last $50.


No, really. My asthmatic lungs and I are very excited right now!


Dawn said...

It sounds like a horrible ordeal to me, but it's for a great cause and you've got a lot of moxy! So you have my $10 pledge! I'll try to drum up some more - too bad it has taken me so long to jump on the bandwagon. I guess I didn't realize how quickly it was coming up!

Damselfly said...

Maybe those people actually meant to give you the donations but your husband stepped in and took them! :)

Susan said...

I did a $5 pledge. Wish it could have been more:o) You are some gal, Groovy!!!

Dawn said...

I hope you don't mind that I'm sending people over from my site - I hope they come!

groovyoldlady said...

Send 'em over, Dawn...Send 'em over!!!!