11 June 2008

One Last Thing (or Three)

I'm posting this on Wednesday evening because we'll be in a rush tomorrow morning.

The Trek doesn't start 'til friday, but Mulletman and I leave tomorrow to help check all the other Trekkers in. We get a free supper and a free night in a resort as "payment". Three cheers for volunteering!

Most of our stuff is packed.

I hate the new hand grips, but my hands are actually feeling better. So praise the Lord!

My kitchen floor is clean. This makes me happy.

Next weekend I get to try something totally new and different that truly doesn't stress me at all. I get to farm sit for two days. I even get to hand milk 3 does (goats) each morning AND keep the milk. I can't think of anyhting more fun and relaxing after all the hype of the past month!

Groovy loves goats! To make it even more fun there are wittle baby kittens and ducklings too. Aaaaaaawwww.

And they're paying me! Whoo-hoo!

Ok. That's it. I'll check back in after the Trek - maybe WAAAAAY after the Trek, depending on how Im feeling. :-D



notcon4med said...

Your kitchen floor being clean makes me happy too! = D Hooray for goats and kitten and duckies! Farm-sitting would also make me happy. Wow, look at all the things we have in common! We're not so different after all!

anno said...

Hooray for hands that don't ache after you ride! And for the goats and kitten and ducks you'll get to see next weekend! Have a great trip!

Angry said...

Trek...? What trek?

Angry said...

Ah THAT trek... (having read back through your posts, boy I have been gone a while)... well I wish you and MM every success.

And don't mind me, I'll just sit here in the corner and await your return. (anyone got some munchies they'd like to share with me...?)

Anonymous said...

Go Groovy go!

Unknown said...

Sure hope the trek went well for you. Loved the list of reasons you were feeling stressed. It brought smiles to my face. I don't' know if that is what you intended to accomplish from that stressful post, but I was here just a smilin'!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the trek. Hope it all goes well. Can't wait to hear about the goats next weekend. Sounds brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Wittle kitties, ducks, goats; what a wonderful way to relax after the Trek. How I would love to play with kittens - don't get to that much as I only adopt older cats. Enjoy your time there. love ya, Pat

Lori said...

How fun! I pray all is going well.

Dani said...

New hand grips - Trek - milking goats. Do I see a plot developing here? Certainly a title: A Relaxing Day At the Goat Farm. Har!