20 June 2008

Lessons From the Farm (and the Much Requested Before and After Pics!)

First...Here are the BEFORE pics. Note the straggly, scraggly ends, the fuzziness, the general lack of shape and the poorly trimmed I-did-them-myself bangs. This hair has got to GO!


This was our farm sitting weekend. It started with the challenge of getting the girlies, ya know, UP and out in the morning. My girls are not typically early risers. They go to bed around 9 pm and we wake them up at 7am. They'd sleep 'til 8am if we let them. However, If one is going to milk dairy animals it is usually wise to do the job before exploding udders burst on the scene.

Exploding Udders would be a great name for a rock band...

It's been raining pretty much all the time since last Sunday, so we expected the farm to be muddy. I wore my extremely groovy blue phrog LLBean mudboots and we brought insect repellent to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

We learned many important lessons in our four trips over to "do chores".

1. Electric fences will shock you. And when they do, it HURTS! (Shocking, I know.)

2. Your repeated applications for membership to Mensa will be consistantly rejected if you do stupid things like attempt to transport a full bucket of goat milk in your van over rutty roads. Especially if you do it TWICE.

3. It doesn't matter how many ways you block the fence, the dog WILL get out. This is Stella. She sweet as puddin', but very naughty!

4. It IS possible to fall in love with a beef steer. He's so sweet!

5. Does know when an amatuer is on the job and will be as obnoxious as possible until the milkers skills go up several notches.

6. Three does can give ALOT of milk!

7. People who milk dairy animals by hand on a regular basis will have forearms like Popeye!

8. Dairy goats are very, VERY affectionate. (So are my girlies!)

9. Feed the horse first. OR ELSE!

10. Barn cats and kittens are an endless source of fun and annoyance.


And now for the AFTER...Ta-Da! Here's what Lil the Pill did for me:

Here's Lil the Pill (aka the Miracle Worker) and a very happy Groovy!

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