26 May 2008

Whatever You Do, Don't Listen to the Squirrels

Hiho, Groovy is back.

Sort of.

For a very short time.

I have to leave in an hour to pick up GrammaJ and bring her over for a Memorial Day's BBQ because, as you all know, Memorial Day is a day to remember dead people, cook meat on the grill, watch multiple VFW parades (which around here include 1 school band, 2 or 3 cars of older veterans, a troop of boyscouts, and a coupla firetrucks. Oh, and a flyover by a military jet. I believe they called in the same jet for all the parades in Central Maine), and get a great baragin on a new car at your Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealer.

GrammaJ's surgery went quite well and she is recovering WAY faster and better than we anticipated. She even got herself dressed this morning. Whoo-Hoo!!

Mulletman and I have been riding pretty much non-stop between GrammaJ runs. Saturday we rode 22 miles, Sunday we rode 22 miles, and today we took the tandem out for 40+ miles.

Now we are both vegetables, thankyouverymuch!

I'm hoping I'll have time to actually do some blog hopping and visit ALL of you and make obnoxious comments somewhere toward the end of this week.

Mulletman and I sang/played on the Worship team this week. We did a song called, "I Don't Need Anything But You" ("You" being God). Silly Head asked, "So why are we singing about squirrels?"


Here is a small portion of the lyrics:

I don't need anything this world says I do
I don't need anything but You
I just need to trust that You will always provide
I don't need anything but You

You are my ever present help
You are salvation from myself
you are my confort and my joy
I don't need anything but You

Do you see the squirrels? No? Well, according to Silly-head we sing, "I don't need anything this squirrel says I do..."

With only 2 and 1/2 weeks to go, we're still short on our Trek fundraising. I STILL haven't sent out my paper letters. I shall have to rewrite them into a very entertaining and persuasive format to goad encourage people to give us their money QUICKLY.

My dear friend Elizabeth (aka Betty aka Liz aka Elizabetty) is also doing a bike trek of her own. She and a friend are going to ride an incredible 300 miles in five days along the Maine Coast to raise money for for Smile Train. Smile Train does free cleft palate repairs for children in underdeveloped nations. Betty has a special heart for these children because she still bears the scars of her own cleft palate surgeries. If you are interested in helping her raise $5000 (which will fund surgical repairs for 20 children!), just email me (see my sidebar) and I will give you her contact info.

Wow. I am SO tired. I think I'll quit here and just read something non-taxing until it's time to cook.

Happy Memorial Day to you all. Hmmm, that doesn't sound right, does it? How about, Have a Meaningful Memorial Day (and I hope you find lots of great deals on new tires too!).

Yeah. That works.

Watch out for those squirrels and I'll see ya'll later this week.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

LOL! on silly-head. Ever heard the song "There is a balm in Gilead"? When Jack and I sang in choir, the choir leader told us his little one asked why there was a bomb in Gilead. Hee, hee!

Damselfly said...

I have never seen Jedi squirrels before! There must be extra-potent nuts on the trees you have there in Maine!

I once sang with a group. One of the singers had two little daughters. One got very upset because she thought we were singing about her sister and wanted us to sing a song about her, too.

Karen said...

This is probably the third time in as many days that I've had to clean the screen of my monitor thanks to really funny stuff online. Those squirrel pictures are HILARIOUS!

I hope your Memorial Day is/was, um, memorable... yeah, you know...

Meg Allison said...

I love the squirrels! We have a few mean ones in our yard -- they'll throw nuts at you if you make too much noise. ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

Dawn said...

That is just too cute and too funny! Isn't it amazing what kids think they hear? Thanks for a good chuckle - I really needed it today.

We had a nice Sunday and had our annual BBQ at my parents' house. My brother and SIL always come up for the Bolder Boulder. This year they had to go back right after the run because she teaches and they have make-up days after the holiday because they had so many "ice" as opposed to "snow" days off school this year in Oklahoma. We saw them for a total of 3 hours, but it was fun. Monday was cold, windy, and rainy, so we were pretty happy it worked out the way it did.

Looking forward to obnoxious comments!

Anonymous said...

Love the song about the squirrels, and the Jedi. Hope you had a great Memorial Day.

j said...

The photos of the squirrels were a riot! I knew they were out to take over the bird feeder!