27 March 2008

Happy Photos of Joy

Look It's Funsocksgirl!


Helping The J-Man master Mario:

And Looky! Green Tulips! In MY yard!!!!

It's especially encouraging to see green in light of the REST of our yard!


Chris said...

So glad to see the photos of the fam AND the tulips, but PLEASE KEEP THE SNOW UP THERE!! We've had enough, TYVM.


notcon4med said...

Look! It's funsocksgirl with short bangs! Hooray for families being together and hooray for tulips in March in ME! I remember the need to see something green! Our newly planted cherry tree has blossoms!

notcon4med said...

Oh, I forgot...nice pic in that you got funsocksgirl showing her funsocks...er sock...anyway, it tickled me!

Dru said...

greenery...there is hope yet for Spring to arrive here.

Dawn said...

What a fun time the girlies are having! I read most of your post at the other site yesterday, but didn't get to finish - I need to get back over there. It was very good. Lots of stuff going on in your life!

Rita Loca said...


Susan said...

Looks like fun time, except the snow!!!

Anonymous said...

You have tulips and snow at the same time ?
Your family is gorgeous!

Diane Viere said...

I smiled throughout your entire post.

And oh those tulips....let them spring up! I am so ready for this winter to be over. Enough already!

Love the photos.....Especially Ms. Funsockgirl!


Lori said...

Love the socks! I pray the tulips mean Spring like weather is on its way.