11 February 2008

I'm Just Askin'

Ah, Sundays. Usually they mean rising before the sun so we can get to church by 7AM for worship team practice. Then, after a full morning of worship and teaching and fellowship, we come home to relax.

Part of the relaxing involves the newspaper. Mulletman and I do not get the paper, but the folks do. So they read it and then pass it on to us. My usual habit is to skim all the articles, read the comics (Zits is my favorite), glance through the sale ads, cut out coupns and then settle in for a long afternoon of doing the cryptogram and the crossword puzzle. On the bottom of the crossword puzzle is always a little teaser that says "Average solve time: 63 minutes".

The puzzle generally takes me about 3 hours. Apparently, if they didn't figure me into the average, the solve time would be 10 minutes.

But that's not what I want to write about today, oh no, oh no. I want to talk about this ad for Charmin toilet tissue I came across while cutting my coupons:

OK. Somebody want 'splain that to me? Because I don't quite get the point. I have 4 children and I've done day care and babysitting for many others. I've also been a housekeeper and a janitor. Even when using the very cheapest-of-cheap toilet papers I have NEVER had to vacuum someone's butt.

So why did they choose that image? And how is that supposed to motivate me to buy Charmin?

I'm just askin'!


notcon4med said...

no clue!

funsocksgirl said...

you, a non-tv watcher, are spared the horrid commercials that go along with this charming ad. my understanding is that people have been complaining to charmin that their toilet paper rips off and sticks to their butts while they wipe. so charmin is like 'we made it stronger now, it won't rip and stick to your butt!'.

charmin is not so in touch with the human butt, however, and assumes that we, like the bears, vacuum our hineys after doing the deed...aaaah charmin, how ignorant you are!

groovyoldlady said...

Ah, Funsocksgirl.

Thank you for the enlightenment. I am rather flummoxed, though. I've always thought of Charmin as the cadillac of TP. My cheaper brands don't engage in butt stickage, so I never dreamed that a premium TP would.

I guess maybe Charmin ain't as charmin' as I thought!

JLynnPro said...

LOL! Your blog is such fun to read!

I have no answers for you.

Besides,w hat do I know? I spend $10ish for a package of recycled TP. :P


Anonymous said...

Oh my. First the blue water poured into the sanitary pad. And now bears vacuuming stuck-on toilet paper off of each other's butts.

I was buying Charmin but I think I'll stop. No reason to encourage this kind of advertising.

I can't even imagine being in the meeting where the ad agency presented this to the client. Whose idea was this? Never mind. I don't want to know.

JLynnPro said...

LOL! Groovy, neither can I, but I would have paid money to see that. LOL!


anno said...

Oh, I miss Mr. Whipple, too.