09 February 2008

Groovy is Pooped

Groovy has had an exceptionally busy week and next week promises to be even busier, so you'll have to put up with bullet points, some of which will soon be expanded because I more to say. MUCH more to say!

1. Maine's Republican Caucus is an asinine set-up. Whoever designed it should be shot. (Here Groovy dons her sunglasses and wig and furtively watches out the window lest "they" are monitoring her blog and are now seeking her out for "threatening" even though she has no idea where the ammo for her hunting rifle is. Nor does she know where the key to the trigger lock is. Nor does she remember how to load it. This is because she has not hunted in 9 years - since before Girly-Girl was born.)

2. Mit Romney is out of the race. Whoo-hoo!

3. I am filling in for the lady who usually cleans our church while she recovers from carpal tunnel surgery. Well, to be more precise, she cleans a portion of our church: the sanctuary (seats 600), the nurseries and bathrooms (14 toilets and 7 urinals), and the entire youth building. It has added 15 hours of craziness to my week. But, with help from my mom (Man, can that woman scrub a toilet!) and Mulletman, the vacuuming king, and the girlies who love to dust and pick up rubbish, we've knocked the total down to 10 hours.

Nonetheless, I was not made to work outside the home and I'll be very glad when Miss Katrina is back on the job!

4. Mulletman has decided that we need more of a social life, so we are inviting one family a week over to break bread with us. Last night we had chicken fajitas with the church secretary and her husband and son. It was lovely!

5. My husband has actually informed me that he WANTS me to write more. He's especially inteested in me pumping out some song lyrics, but the upshot is he believes I was "made to write" and I need to go for it.

Please do not wake me up from this wonderful dream!

6. It has snowed here for 4 days straight and is s'posed to snow again tomorrow.

7. We have 2 Valentine's parties to go to next week in addition to cleaning the church. I was volunteered to make heart-shaped pizzas for the 4-H party on Monday. Groovy really should pay more attention to what those kids are voting on!

8. No hamsters yet. Sheesh. You'd think they had to import them from China or something!

9. My Mom has a thousand things that MUST be done before she moves into her new senior housing unit. (and guess who gets to help her do them?) Today we're going recliner shopping...

10. On the positive side, Mom has made friends with a neighbor. They do lunch and shop together and like the same kind of movies. They're the same age, both are retired nurses, both are ardent Christians, and both are VERY outspoken. Three cheers for friends!

11. I've been working out very faithfully and the clothes are getting looser! :-)

12. The schoolyear is 2/3 over and we're almost up to the halfway mark....

13. It is very dangerous for fudge sauce and I to be in the same house. Knowing this, Mulletman took it with him to work.

Darn him!!

14. I miss Funsocksgirl. Sigh. When I get old I'm going to make her take ME recliner shopping.

15. My friend Special K called the other day. I love Special K, but she really is mentally ill and can talk the paint off the walls. She is one of the reasons I have an answering machine. Here's a synopsis of the message she left me:

Hello Groovy. I've missed seeing you at church? Are you and your family away on vacation? (We haven't been gone. We just took a 2 week break from teh worship team and leave church before Special K arrives for the secnd service)> I just want you to know that I finally saved up my pennies and was able to buy Funsocksgirl that little item I showed you 4 months ago. You know, the pretty little thing in the Chadwick's catalog? You thought it was her style.

Anyway, I had it mailed directly to her - no use paying that shipping charge twice! Would you please get on your computer and message her and tell her that it's coming? I'd hate for her to refuse the package because she doesn't know what it was or who it was from. Let me know how she likes it!

Hey, did you hear about Mit Romney? Well, he dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination.

Oh, and just in case you were worried about it, the space shuttle got off alright.

OK, well, I guess that's about it. No word from Dawna about her baby yet. I was hoping the baby would be born on my birthday. I'm just sitting here waiting for them to call me...

Call me back later when you get back from your trip or whatever.

This is Special K, 444-4444.


OH! And tell the little ones that Special K misses them and will have a surpirse for them on Valentine's Day! I sure do miss getting my hugs from them when you finish singing.

OK. Special K, 444-4444. I'll talk to you later! Bye!

She called me back 10 minutes later with the exciting news that Dawna had indeed had her baby on Special K's birthday and she was so excited and she'd been a little down but that little bit of news had made her day and she knew I'd want to know and....

(Groovy pauses here to say: Congrats to Matt and Dawna on the birth of their new little Baby U! Woot!)

16. After a lengthy hospital stay and a hefty bill, Mr. Snowblower has been resurrected!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Good thing with all this snow!) I am willing to lay down my ill feelings toward him and welcome him back with great fanfare! Ta-da! Mr. Snowblower is back! Whee-Haw!!

17. I just earned a whopping sum from my Squidoo lenses. I am so psyched!

18. OK, nuff typing. Gotta Get My Stuff Done.


Angry said...

I'm pooped just reading this... just going to have a little lie down now.

notcon4med said...

Ok, now I'm gonna spend way too much brain power today wondering what D and M named their new baby that starts with a "U"! Ursula? Ulysses? Please email me and set me free from this trivial, yet inevitable pursuit!

Karen said...

You know, if I didn't know better, I'd say your Special K is my mother. She'll get going and forget she's leaving a message, then get warped out of shape because she thinks I'm ignoring her. "Hello? Are you there? HELLO!!" I think I'm glad she hasn't figured out how to delete the message before sending it, because, well...

groovyoldlady said...

I just got back from cleaning the youth building and I'm exhausted.


Laurel said...

just wanted to let you know that i tagged you for the seven things meme... i can't remember if you've done it or not, but hey, you can always do it again!!

Anonymous said...

I need to put my feet up after reading this post. I am thrilled you are doing so well with your Squidoo lens and that Mulletman thinks you should concentrate on your writing. You're on your way, girl!

Unknown said...

I can SO relate to your statement about the school year being 2/3 over and y'all are almost 1/2 way done! That is SO us each and every year!