04 January 2008

Journey Toward the Light... (and some updates and a SALE!)

Insert ethereal music here. Throw in some singing angels...

Side note: Do you know that the Bible NEVER mentions angels singing? They "say" and they "proclaim", but they do not "sing" - at least not in the Biblical reports.

Just thought you needed to know that.

Groovy is smiling now because some of you are digging out your Bibles in indignation as you imagine the chaos when next Christmas is heralded by "Hark, the Herald Angels Say".

Ok, so back to the light and the music. We bought a therapy light yesterday. I was trying to decide between buying from our local friendly medical supply store and buying online. We opted for local. But I'm wishing we hadn't. The online light had a lifetime guarantee and a promise of 10,000 lux at 24". This one is 10,000 lux at 12", meaning I have to be very close to the light for a therapy treatment.

The med supply store was clear that we can't bring it back if it doesn't help my SAD, but we can bring it back if it doesn't function properly. Well, one of the lights flickers and that's a no-no, so this one will be back to the store soon - I'm gonna get the online one.

All those boring details aside, I had my first treatment this morning. It was rather weird.

Several years ago I had a friend who was selling those Nikken therapy magnets. We dutifully tried them. Mulletman taped them on to relieve muscle tension. Scout tried them to help him recover from football injuries. I could never use them at all. Put a magnet on me for very long and my fillings start to get warm and I get a strong metallic taste in my mouth. This is true even if the magnet is on my ankle! You can imagine how I leapt out of the chair 5 minutes after they covered me with a magnetic blanket! Oy!

The even stranger thing is that I only have a couple of fillings. Hmmm...

And so, this morning I tried the light. It was slightly off centered to my right and folks, my whole right jaw feels warm and tingly. When I realized this was happening, I repositioned the light more to the center. Unfortunately, it was almost to the end of my treatment time, so I'm not sure it helped. Now I have a headache behind my right eye and across the right side of my scalp.

Perhaps 1/2 hour ws too long for a first session!

Tomorrow I'll try just 20 minutes and make sure the light is dead center. I know you are all hanging on the edge of your seats to see how this saga concludes, so I will keep you posted.

I just realized that it will be extremely difficult to use the light on Sunday morning. We have to be at the church at 7am to practice music. I usually get up at 5am and I'm running the whole time...Ain't no way I'm getting up at 4:30! Maybe I can eke out 20 minutes if I bathe the night before instead of showering Sunday morning.

Wow. If this post was any more exciting, you folks would need tranquilizers.


I would be remiss if I did not insert a very happy cheer into this post:


In case I haven't told you before - I Like Mike!


No hamsters yet. Mulletman is getting anxious now, so he's going to check the pet stores in Bangor. Surely SOMEONE has some cute little Chinese dwarfs.


I feel tremendously petty for complaining about our paltry pelting of precipitation when the Sierra Nevada mountains are s'posed to get TEN FEET of snow over the next few days...Ten feet. I can't even fathom that much snow!


GrammaJ is coming over today to do her laundry and hang out. Her birthday is tomorrow and we decided to celebrate with an overnighter. Tonight is homemade tacos and some sort of wonderful but yet to be decided on dessert. Tomorrow she and I will go out alone for lunch to have either seafood or Chinese. (Just for your info: We will not be eating Chinese hamsters.)

GrammaJ will be 69.


I've decided that the only way to avoid have school every blueberry-picking day of our Maine summer (we ain't got no cotton, ya'll) we shall have school six days a week for the next few months. Fortunately, the girlies are so sheltered and naive that they don't know they're supposed to have Saturdays off.

Ignorance IS bliss!


I need to unload three seasons of Little House on the Prairie dvds. The girlies got them for Christmas, but aren't interested. They'd rather have the books! (Can I hear an AMEN to that?!!)

The dvds were purchased for us from Amazon and it's a big butt pain to try to return them. They are all brand new. If you're interested, you can buy them from me for $35 per season (Seasons 1,2, and 3), shipping included. You could pay me on PayPal.

Any takers?


Angry said...

Oh Groovy this is so weird...
I had a dream that there was a little house on the prairie where a lovely young lady lived... she could hear Angels singing in the background as she was walking, with Bible in hand, toward a very bright ‘light’. She seemed to tingle and glow as she walked. Naturally I took it to mean that this young woman was on her way to be with Him.

Now it seems it was just you at home pondering whether or not Angels sang and so had your Bible in hand to look it up, glowing with warmth as you walked past the fridge magnets preparing for your light therapy. See, dreams don't reveal anything of the real world.

Oh and I herd about Huckabee's latest standing on the news here in Aus and immediately thought... what a weird name... (nah just kidding, I thought of you Groovy...)

Marianne Arkins said...

I'll be interested in seeing what you think about your light therapy. Really.

Little House... Hmmm... we have the first two seasons, and DD LOVES them. I need season three, but am flat broke. If you still have it in a little while, I'll get back to you! :-)

It's a shame your girlies don't like them. They're so full of really great stuff. Michael Landon was a pro at sharing good values without sounding "preachy".

Throwing all my promises about staying out of the political arena aside, I will say this... I'm less excited about who won than who lost.

That's all I'm saying.

Anonymous said...

I quite like the sound of 'Hark The Herald Angels Proclaim' and I am very interested to know if that light box will fix up your SAD. Keep us posted!

Tammy said...

Just popping in to wish you a Happy New year...if I didn't already! Because I've been taking a little break and can't remember who I wished and who I forgot to wish...and you'd definitely be someone I'd want to wish! :)

I really want to know if the light therapy works, too...I know it may take awhile, but please let us know!

Dawn said...

That magnet therapy sounds horrible! And the light doesn't sound much better.

I liked the Little House show when it was on for awhile, then it got so far afield from the books that it really irritated me. I bought the set for Kristen when she was in elementary, and she never read them. She hopes to read them to the girls (all 4 of them??)

I had to laugh at the fact that your girls don't know you're supposed to have Saturdays off from school! Too funny.

Have a wonderful week-end. We're looking forward to Monday - come on over and see why!

Anonymous said...

I hope you get great results from the light therapy. Maybe the flickering light gave you flickering results.

Too bad it didn't work out with the local dealer. I try to buy locally when I can, but the Internet is so very convenient (except for returns and things that don't fit or are half the size you thought they were, etc.)

In "90 Minutes in Heaven" http://www.amazon.com/90-Minutes-Heaven-Story-Death/dp/0800759494 the author talks about how there was so much music there.... Interesting thought.

Maybe you can use the light therapy light while you're doing your hair and face before church. Or bring a battery power pack and have it illuminate your face while you are sitting there in the choir. You'd look angelic and it wouldn't be distracting at all.

Unknown said...

Hey There! I just want you to know how much your funny comments left for me during the Christmas season and my mom's arm incident cheered us both!! I always made sure to read your comments aloud to mom. She would just laugh and laugh. She loves you and has never even visited your blog! Your comments left showed enough of your quick wit and charm!
Go Huckabee!!Iowa was a greast shot in the arm. I'll join you in prayer concerning New Hapmshire!

Damselfly said...

I hope your new light will be better. Maybe you got a headache from the flickering?

And thanks for mentioning the angels. I didn't know they couldn't sing. ;)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I like Mike to so I will hollar Go Mike right along with you! Huggles!