28 December 2007

In Which Groovy Gets to "Talk or Write at Length in a Confused or Inconsequential Way"

That is: I'm going to ramble.

I know I'm going to ramble because it's early in the morning and the S.A.D. was bad yesterday and my mind is just brim full of all manner of inconsequentialness, thoughts that are disconnected and fuzzy. I have no clear bloggy moment of Groovy life to share with you.

Please put your seatbelt on so's you don't get whiplash. I would be very sad if you got whiplash from my blog. In fact the guilt would probably kill me, so for MY sake be careful.

The pink is back. My house is still decorated (because I'm too tired to UNdecorate it), but my blog is not. Farewell Christmas 2007. Hello 2008 with a new profile pic.

I had written a lovely blog entry on our Christmas with photos and all, but I forgot to save it and lost half of it and got disgusted and deleted the whole thing. I must apologize here to Anne because she tagged me for one last Christmas meme and that meme was on the doomed post and I AIN'T doing it again. Maybe we can try it next year, dear. (I'm sure I'll be in a better mood then.)

The short story? Our Christmas was very pleasant. However, I don't think Grampy was overly impressed with the whole Christmas brunch idea. Why, there wasn't even any pie! He made Grammy cook a "traditional" Christmas dinner for him and Uncle Pickle-Nose on Christmas Day, even though she'd already done quite a bit of work making yummies to contribute to the brunch. Wonder what he'll do next year when we don't cook dinner at all? We (we being me, Mulletman, GrammaJ, and Grammy) have already committed to working at a community dinner event. Darned if we're cooking TWO meals!

My favorite gifts? The ones from my girlies (which I'm sure their Daddy helped them pick): A frying pan to replace the one I lost HERE and a replacement for my favoritist travel mug in the world that I broke at church several weeks ago.

Worst gift? 3 really ugly postcards and a couple of those cutesy little books full of inspirational sayings. Folks, I love the Lord with all my heart and I love to read/study my Bible, but I loathe sappy, emotional, ooey-gooey, feel good sentiments accompanied by isolated Scriptures and happy photos of phony people (No offense to those of you who enjoy those things). In fact, THIS is much more my style (Make sure you scroll down to see what I'm talking about).

I know what EVERYONE except the girlies is getting for Christmas next year. I'll start working on my secret surprises next week. Sorry I can't fill you all in, but Funsocksgirl actually reads my blog (O thou faithful daughter of joy!) and I wouldn't want to spoil it for her. Besides, this way I can torture her all year!

Mr. Snowblower has returned home. Sadly we've been informed that his ailment is terminal, though the doctor predicted that he might make it through the rest of this winter if we pamper and baby him. This goes a bit against my groovy grain (after the way he's treated me and all) but I will leave my grievances in the kitchen and treat him with the utmost respect and gentleness until Spring.

I am buying a Light Therapy Box, TODAY if possible. They have 'em at the local medical supply store for a reasonable price ("reasonable" is a relative term...).

We have to wait a week or so on the hamster purchase. We've decided after an infinite amount of research (about an hour) to get 2 Chinese dwarfs. They are gentle, they are communal, and they are adorable. The store only sells females, so the girls are going to name them Bekah and Ruby. I will post pics as soon as we get them.

I've been eating so much that it would probably be better if I worked out 3 times a day instead of 3 times a week!

I'm considering growing a new dustbuuny - Marvin II. The girls are really wanting me to make another comic strip and it would need a dustbunny. Here is where I should redierect you to the first comic strip, but can't because I lost the web host it was on and I've never figured out how to switch my tiff files to something else so I could post them elsewhere. Just imagine that it was amazingly funny and that will whet your appetite for me to make another for you to see. Or perhaps you'll have to imagine that too since my tech skills are not likely to improve any time in the near future.

Did I tell you I love you people? I do!

Well, I sense that this ramble is coming to an end. There is some blueberry crunch calling me loudly. And maybe some ice cream. For Breakfast.

O how I love the week after Christmas!


anno said...

Enjoy that blueberry crunch! I hope you get a light therapy box soon. I think I might be getting one of those calendars for myself...

Looking forward to seeing pictures of those hamsters!

Dawn said...

I love rambling posts. Must be why I do them do often. I have so many new ones in my head right now, but now time to get them down, and all the pictures, etc.

Thanks for coming by yesterday and for praying for Kristen. I did a bit of an update again today.

I'm with you on the exercising!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Hello sweetie. Loves ya. You will enjoy the chinese hamsters. i have owned them and they are wonderful pets! Huggles a bunch!

Anonymous said...

Those light boxes really work. My sister lived in Alaska for ten years and couldn't have gotten through the winter without one. Hope you feel less SAD soon!

Damselfly said...

Ice cream for breakfast. I think I love you.

I'd love to see your comic strip and the hamsters.

Susan said...

You did leave my head spinning a bit ..... but no whip lash. You are just too funny :o)