05 November 2007

Still at It

I did absolutely NO writing over the weekend. I will give you all the short version, so I can get busy. Jason and the weird homeschool fam that just moved in next door need to meet today.



Cherie Adams: Incredible!

Longhorn Steakhouse: Fabulosa!

Newsboys, Kutless, and Newworldson Go Tour: TOTALLY ROCKIN'!!!!!


FEFC Worship: Packed out and TOTALLY ROCKIN"!!!! (Which may have to do with the fact that over a third of our congregation were at the concert the night before :-O )

The afternoon: Gunky eyes (makeup 3 days in a row), and a bad case of sleep deprived foggy brain.

Today: NEW GLASSES!!!!! WaHooo!!!!!! a wee bit of school and 4-H and a Mom who is a writing machine.

Now I'm off to prime the engine...

Btw, I'm not visiting many blogs due to NaNoWriMo. I'll catch up with all of you when the dust settles in December - right after I clean the house.

I know, I know...My loss!


Marianne Arkins said...

Sounds like a good weekend (gunky eyes notwithstanding) and now some good writing time! Fun? Yes?

Have a great day...

Unknown said...

What a weekend! Whew!

We love Longhorn! This post reminded me just how long it has been since eating at one! Must go soon!

Glad to have learned just where the word "Wonky" originated from. Yes, it does sound Australian!