01 November 2007

and GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I slept quite well last night, thank you, but I've been chomping at the bit ever since I got up. Mulletman finally left to go have breakfast with a friend, so it's time.

It. IS. TIME!!!!!!

I'll keep ya posted.

Hopefully I'll also have time to blog about noteworthy happenings and deep philosphical considerations such as the fact that I CURLED MY HAIR TODAY with HOT ROLLERS!!!

But that will have to wait until another day...


anno said...

Are the ravishing curls to help inspire the romantic events about to unfold? (Go, Groovy! Go!)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh my now aren't you the stylish one with curls and all! LOL!

Dawn said...

Picture please!! You crack me up.

funsocksgirl said...

yes, a picture of your curly locks AND the girls' hair...i'm still waiting for a photo of those chin-length 'dos :)

and...yah mr. horrible headache came to visit yesterday after lunch. he was mean and vicious and i stayed in bed with a pillow over my head and we missed the harvest party with caleb and abby :( :( i was so upset that i cried. but today i feel somewhat better...still dull throbbing pain but yah...all that was to say that's why i didn't get your call. i heard the ringing and cursed the invention of the phone, missing the obvious fact that it was you. long story short...nope, actually it's kind of a short story long since i can't seem to stop rambling. i miss you. still can't talk today...typing okay, talking causes brain to shut down and pain to increase.

i miss you! i think i said that already and now i am going to end this long message...which i compose with your unbelievably long phone message in mind.

love ya!

Marianne Arkins said...

Go, Groovy, Go!!!


How's the crazy beagle?

Anonymous said...

Groovy cheer squad chants with the insane beagle -

Unknown said...

Oh I wonder what schemes and scenarios Groovy has written about today?

by the way Groovy, we love Mike Huckabee here too. I thought he did splendidly at the debate here in Orlando the other night. Do y'all get the Glenn Beck show on radio or TV there? He had Mike on as a guest and it was wonderful! It was nice getting to hear Mr. Huckabee speak and be able to use all the time as he was the only guest.