09 October 2007

A New Look

No, not my blog. It's still groovy pink and purple.

It's the Girly-Girls. They now have adorable chin-length haircuts.

Of course, I did the cutting myself so we'll spend today playing the That-sides-longer-here-let-me-fix-it game.

I got a good look at Mulletman when he got home last night and his hair looks surprisingly good. Kinda like be-still-my-heart good. That is definitely a happy thing.

I'd take pics of everyone, but the flash on the camera is wonky.

T minus 2 days until the big move.


Anonymous said...

:-O - short hair! pictures! now! flash or not!

also...i cut j's hair last night and IT looks surprisingly good! $15 saved KACHAH!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I always, always cut Jack's hair. pretty easy job all one length and really short. then I play chase the hairs that hid!