03 August 2007

And Suddenly it Happened or Didn't Happen, as the Case May Be

I received my prize from Carrie of With What I've been Given a couple of days ago, but it's been so hot and I've been so busy that I couldn't post pics until now.

Here's what she so graciously sent me:

Isn't the homemade birthday book adorable? At first I wasn't sure what it was for. Did I give it to the birthday girl so she can record a special event each month? Then, suddenly, the brilliant lightbulb of my mind went on. It takes me a while, but I did finally figure things out (most of the time). The book is for ME so I can write down all the important birthdays in it.


Anyway, I shall have fun harassing putting the magic candles on Girl-Girl's birthday cake next month. Heh-heh-heh!

Actually, Girly-Girl got a little concerned because, as of last night, there was a sudden discussion of a vacation possibility next month. Scout will be graduating from his military training and we'd really like to go to his graduation. It seems foolish to drive across several states for a 2 day event, so we think we might navigate our way to see Funsocksgirl in NY and my mom in SC. Note: this is all very sudden and VERY tentative since Mulletman hasn't asked for the time off work, etc.

Nonetheless, Girly-Girl was starting to sweat. Actually we were all sweating profusely because it was 187ºF out and the power went off for two hours while we we having this sudden (did I mention that this is all very sudden?) discussion over a map in the candlelight.

Where was I?

Oh yes.

Girly-Girl was worried that we would have our little, suddenly planned vacation before her birthday. No, I assured her, we'd be going after her birthday party. She was very relieved. Why? Because if we had a vacation first then she might be too tired to enjoy her party!

Mean Mommy then seized the moment by saying, "Oh, that'd be alright. We could just skip your birthday this year and put it off until next year. You could be seven a whole year more and Silly-Head could catch up to you. Wouldn't that be cool?"

She didn't think so. ;-)

Sudden Update! Mulletman just called and he can't get the time off for this spontaneous week (or two) of excitement, so now we're suddenly talking about me or me and he (that would be us) FLYING to the graduation and getting an actual rental car and NOT going to see the daughter and the mother. I'm supposed to check prices and all that RIGHT NOW.

WAIT!!! Maybe he can trade someone else's week off for the week in question...MAYBE.

I think I need me some Excedrin to help me cope with all this suddenness and uncertainty!

In the meantime, we're off to do some goat washing. Girly-Girl has her first show tomorrow at the Bangor Fair and we need to get Emma all spiffed up. We'll be at the fair all morning and possibly even early afternoon. Then we'll drive the hour home. Chill for a very short while and then head an hour and a half south for a free outdoor Arlo Guthrie concert. He is absolutely hilarious in person, so we are anticipating a very fun, albeit exhausting day.

I'm glad I don't sing this Sunday. We'll be home so late that we'll probably sleep in and go to second service!

NOTE TO FUNSOCKSGIRL: I was going to sign into AIM to inform you of all this sudden and exciting news that may or may not be happening and it (AIM, not the news) has DISAPPEARED off my computer. Aaaack! I will reinstall it ASAP- right after I suddenly check flight info that we may or may not be using - so that I will be able to let you know if we will or will not be suddenly visiting you


Anonymous said...

before i forget:

-- remember to cover up your sensitive skin while whale watching - i got my worst sunburn ever from being out on the water all day. j wants to know where you are sailing from...i forgot to ask!

-- what date is the graduation?! i must send a happy, happy card! maybe if i wish it hard enough his camp will magically be moved within easy driving distance of us...aaaw he's such a big boy graduating!

-- yay goats and arlo!

-- darn you, AIM...why must you leave the computer when most desperately needed!?

-- i love the birthday book, that is so CUTE.

-- the end!

*carrie* said...


You are the most grateful, enthusiastic recipient! It makes me want to send you another package. =) Thanks for making giving something away such a joy!

Carole Burant said...

Well you posted today so I guess the clock hasn't completely killed you yet! lol Sheesh! Imagine finding that out about the clock after so many years!! What a lovely package that birthday kit is...I won 3 things but haven't received anything yet. Living in Canada, the mail seems to go around the world a few times before it finally reaches me! lol Looking forward to hearing if you are or aren't going to the graduation...if the plans do or don't work out...hehe! xox

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Well, what can I say? I am at a loss for words!

Karen said...

I might or might not leave a comment... it's all so... so... sudden...

Yeah, I LIKE elipses... Congrats to Scout and have fun on whatever vacation you get.

Unknown said...

ROFLOL!! You're confusing me again!

I do hope all works out well and smoothly as you go see Scout graduate! How proud you must be!

How did "Emma" do in the show?

I trust you are having a wonderful weekend and a relief from that 187 degree weather!

What a special memory you all made as you planned and pondered with a flashlight and map. Great times that will make you laugh with each other many years down the road!

Damselfly said...

Wow, I hope you get to have a vacation after all this summer! I hope, I hope, I hope...

Congrats to Scout....

Corn Dog said...

Too funny about the goat washing. When I was growing up, we used to wash our chickens before we entered them in the fair. We won every year. Of course, Mom didn't appreciate us washing the chickens in the laundry room. It was a laundry room after all.