21 July 2007

Ready to Roll!!

Internet working? check.

Girlies happy and busy? check.

Man gone so I have some much needed alone time? check.

Chocolate? Ate it last night, so check.

Happy Undies and comfy clothes? check

Coffee? check

15 must-do chores that I'm completely ignoring? check

Look out, Folks. Groovy is coming to your blog to visit!

Oh, but first I think I'll go pee...........Aaaaaaah, look. Someone has been decorating.

And looky here too: In honor of her 200th blogger entry, sweet Tammy is giving away some cool books FOR FREE!!!!!!

Go see her quickly so you can get your chance to win!!!!


Carole Burant said...

Ummmm.....do they ALL have to go for a pee??????? lol xox

anno said...

My daughter still does this... and she's pushing 14!!!

Unknown said...

my son is 9 and loves his stuffed beanie babies and a few other choice stuffed cuddlies! This brught back memories of when he was a little younger though!!So sweet really!

Pearls of Wisdom said...

My kids always loved stuffed animals. ..LOL I am glad you are back I have been off and busy past few days too.

Missed you.


Angel ():)