16 July 2007

Poking Fun

We had our first day of VBS today and I got to poke unsuspecting souls with long pointy sticks. Heh-heh-heh-heh!

I tell ya, we Christians know how to have fun!



Unknown said...

Can you tell us why you were poking the poor souls with a stick?

Yes, and boy am I glad for the fun I have in the Christian realm,.

Corn Dog said...

Go Groovy!

Anonymous said...

I used to teach Vacation Bible School. But I never took a long pointy stick with me. What DID I miss?

Anonymous said...

i thought poking with long pointy sticks was the preserve of ... well, let's just say 'not the angels'

groovyoldlady said...

Ah...well said, rivergirlie, and wouldn't you know that we who were poking were playing the devil's advocates, so to speak.

My good friend (and talented actress) Maggiedoodlebug was playing the part of Rahab. She was hiding the Israelite spies on her roof. When the Jericho guards showed up to search for the spies, she ALSO had to hide 40 kids. She threw sheets over the children and told them to pretend they were laundry and keep still.

At one point the Jericho dudes notice the "laundry" and decided to run "swords" though it. That's when we poked the kids.

Most of the children absolutely loved it, but a couple of the younger ones were scared.

Fortunately, it was our only scary day.

anno said...

I was wondering about the poking too... thought that went out with the Puritans and their all-day services (poking ensured hardworking sleepy souls stayed alert on those hard benches). Am relieved to learn that this was all just good clean fun.