30 July 2007

In Which Groovy Dazzles You With Her Amazing Purchase

Hiho! Groovy here. (If it was anyone else I would have to call in the I.B.I. -Internetherworld Bureau of Investigation - to scrutinize, probe, inquire, examine, and otherwise look into what kind of nut had hijacked my blog.)

First off in the big Groovy news report we have...

NEW SHOES!!! Yes, we do!

As a maturing adult, I am finding it increasingly difficult and even painful to wear high heels. In fact, even moderate heels leave me in discomfort. The joints on my big toes scream, "ENOUGH ALREADY!" and I limp around in a decidedly dramatic fashion and whine for 2-3 days afterward. For the past two years I've been taking Glucosamine and threatening to make the move to sensible shoes.

A few things have held me back:

1.) I am a procrastinator!

2.) The shoes I do have, still have quite a bit of wear left in them. This is probably because they make my feet hurt, so I pretty much only wear them on Sunday mornings and on hot dates with Mulletman. Frugality demands that the old ones be worn out before I buy new ones.

3.) I am cheap and new shoes are not.

4.) I am deterred by the ever weighty I-don't-want-to-be-an-old-lady-wearing-ugly-sensible-shoes factor.

Yesterday, however, everything changed. I only wore my favorite heels for 2 hours and I was in pain. Add that to the fact that the girlies desperately needed new sneakers, and we have a mandatory shoe shopping adventure in the making.

We did not find sneakers for the girls (though we got a good lead on groovy shoes in Augusta), but, oh be still my heart, I DID find some shoes for Moi.

They are flat, they are dressy, they are cute, they are comfy, they have "bling", and no one would ever accuse them of looking sensible, even though they absolutely are. Best of all, they were only $10!!!! Three cheers for Payless!

In my excitement and renewed determination, I have pulled all my heels from my closet (only 3 pair - Imelda Marcos, I am not!) and have written myself a note to give them suckers away!

No more heels for this gal. Better yet, no more toe pain! AND I can still look cute too! Woot!


In other news, my dear friend Carlyo has recently insisted that her son Justin strongly resembles Matt Damon. I had no clue who Matt Damon was, but I figured I could Google an image of him - I was right. Here's a picture of Matt, followed by a pic of Carlyo's Justin.

I think she may have something here. What do YOU think?


You're Catch-22!

by Joseph Heller

Incredibly witty and funny, you have a taste for irony in all that you
see. It seems that life has put you in perpetually untenable situations, and your sense
of humor is all that gets you through them. These experiences have also made you an
ardent pacifist, though you present your message with tongue sewn into cheek. You
could coin a phrase that replaces the word "paradox" for millions of

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

So, whatcha think? Sound like me?


Ms. Kathleen said...

Cute shoes and I agree...heals are OUT! It must have been a man who invented them...I mean a man did invent pantyhose (I avoid them at all cost) and the bra, which I do wear, thankyou but I don't like the sagging to my knees idea.

And yes, the "Look-a-likes"...could easily be brothers.


Chris said...



NTYVM. Gave 'em up for Lent...in 1989. Decided it was well worth the ability to, oh, WALK instead of hobble for days afterward. Nowadays you'll find this old broad in zapatos no more than an inch or so off the ground. And there are stylish little numbers out there without the pointy pointy pointy toes and the pencil-thin stilt heels as well. We short, fat broads love 'em.

We keep the black, lace-up granny heels for SPECIAL occasions...

anno said...

You have hot dates? Wow, I am jealous. These days a hot date is sipping iced tea out on the patio instead of inside where the AC is blasting away.

Maybe if I got some cool shoes...

Unknown said...

Oh Groovy, I can SO relate to the shoe thing! With my arthritis, I still try wearing heels on some Sunday mornings, and pay for it in the knees and feet all week!!I don't want to be an old lady yet! Your little black "Low riders" are adorable. Enjoy!

Yes, that kid looks so much like Matt Damon!

And double Yes, that book quiz has your number about a sense of humor.

Unknown said...

oops I forgot to let you know that I responded to your comment on my blog. I so appreciate your encouraging words.

Susan said...

The shoes are very cute.

Dawn said...

I have a terrible time with shoes as well - I used to wear 3 inch pointy-toed spikes when I was a teen - at 5 feet 10 inches they made me over 6 feet. I didn't care! I do now, since they ruined my feet.

Yes, he does look like Matt Damon.

Yes that does sound like you!

Now I have to take the test.

Carole Burant said...

I don't wanna get probed, so I won't be trying to hijack your blog! lol Ooooh Groovy baby, those new shoes of yours are simply awesome! Like you, I can no longer wear shoes with high heels or even medium heels and I refuse to get into granny therapeutic shoes! lol These days it's flat heeled sandals, flip flops and running shoes.

As for the book quiz, here's mine...

You're The Giver!
by Lois Lowry
While you grew up with a sheltered childhood, you're pretty sure everyone around you is even more sheltered. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, you were tapped on the shoulder and transported to the real world. This made you horrified by your prior upbringing and now you're tormented by how to reconcile these two lives. Ultimately, the struggle comes down to that old free will issue. Choose wisely.

Marianne Arkins said...

I'm all about flats - and am thrilled about the uber-long skirts that I have because... NO STOCKINGS! Woot!

Congrats on the change.

And, yes on the Matt Damon look-a-like. A bit eerie...

groovyoldlady said...

Pea, I JUST read that book - as in, I finished it yesterday. I absolutley LOVE the book and HATE the ending! Hopefully you won't end up nearly starving in the dead of winter with a baby to care for.

Marianne, I am all about long skirts. I LOVE them! No shaving, no stockings and no chafing. What's not to love?

I'm even considering doing away completely with pants. Seriously!

Dawn, I'm running over to see what book YOU are!

Anonymous said...

ugh, i despise catch-22, and because i am brutally honest i must tell you that it grieves me to find that somebody thinks that this description goes with this book. the book is so preachy that i actually had to discipline myself into finishing it, instead of hurling it out a window in anger, which is what i wanted to do nearly every page.

fortunately YOU are not preachy and annoying and i've never wanted to hurl you out of a window in anger.

the end.

groovyoldlady said...

Whew. I so glad my sweet, adorable eldest child doesn't think I'm preachy and never wanted to hur me out the window - even when I was I was in vigilante anti-pigeon mode.

I've never read Catch-22. I guess it will be next on my reading list. Anything you feel that passionately about must be worthing harassing you over!