25 June 2007

An Unexpected Commercial

OK, so I was going to put this button from 5 Minutes For Mom in my sidebar, but the "Add Elements" hooey isn't there. I can rearrange the already existing elements, but I can't add a new one.

This puzzles me greatly because many of you have WAAAAAAAAAY more stuff in/on your sidebars than I do.


Oh well, here's the button: July-4-button-120-pix.jpg

Thus far, 5 Minutes For Mom is giving away:

- an ice cream maker and cute little bowls,

- a bazillion dollar design-your-own bathing suit from Land's End,

- and some very nifty Mommy calling cards.

Rumor is that they'll be adding more contests before July 4, so click that button (it actually works!) and put in your comments so you can crow over me when you win.


Tammy said...

I saw this "commercial" on another blog but haven't checked it out yet- thanks for the reminder! :)

And Groovy, you are so awful...LOL...you WOULD notice that typing error "my dad was my parent's only child"...ugh. That's what I get for staying up posting past midnight.
Oh, the embarrassment... consider yourself smacked playfully on the arm for pointing that one out! heehee

Anonymous said...

That's strange, why wouldn't you be able to add elements to your sidebar?

I just checked my blogger site and I have that option. Maybe you should contact blogger?

Unknown said...

You might try clearing out your history and temporary internet files, then refresh the browser. Blogger can just be squirrelly sometimes though, it may work differently tomorrow - LOL

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

I just noticed you left a comment on my blog! Thanks! And I've been reading some of your posts...you explain things so vividly! LOL I love it!

Hmm I've never added anything much to my side bar...jsut the norm. Hmm don't know why it's acting up?

Ashley said...

weird...blogger must be spazzing. I just noticed though I was signed in, if you click my name the link doesn't work...how...very strange.

sorry about that! Don't know why it did it.

Carole Burant said...

Those gals always have so many cool contests!! Fun! Fun! Fun! I have no problems adding buttons and such in my sidebar...but then I never did customize my blogger template...I still have the "old" one! xox

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Thanks for the infor.

Love ya,

Angel (Angel Mama )