13 June 2007


OK. No school today (Yes, we are STILL having school in the summer).

Must clean house.

Must pack "stuff".

Must hide very groovy pirate costume so husband will be surprised when he rides up to my traffic corner.

Must make all packing fit in car!

Must see chiropractor again for "bad" hip.

Must listen to chiroprator talk and talk and talk...

Must do "goat work" this afternoon.

Must buy more necessary items for the Trek.

Must organize my nifty Trek folder so I can sound informed when Trekkers ask me questions.

Must tell everyone that I've lost NINE POUNDS. Whooooot!

Must remember to breathe.

OH CRAP! and do laundry. MUST do laundry!


Dawn said...

Wow - I can't wait to hear about the Trek and see pictures. I hope your hip takes the trip okay!!

Is the 9 pounds from the biking? Congratulations! I think they might possibly have found me, unfortunately.

Susan said...

Lots of Must Do's. Hope you get them all accomplished. Bert you will!!

Lori said...

You are so funny! I have to say everyone of your posts make me laugh.

Diane Viere said...

I'm with Dawn....I can't wait to read about your Trek and see the photos! (I'd especially like to see one of that pirates costume!!!!)

So glad...at the top of your MUST do list today---was posting!


Marianne Arkins said...

Hey -- congrats on your weight loss! Woo!

And, school... we actually set it up so we school all summer at least a little. It's too easy to forget everything otherwise. We slow w-a-a-a-y down, but still have school one or two days a week. This also means I can 3 or 4 day school weeks all year long, and I LOVE that. Field trips, craft days or whatever in those days off.

BTW, thanks for all the encouragment you've given me over at the blog (as well as ANOTHER blog to read). I'm already working on an idea for a short story involving a guy with a gift tag on his shoe :-)

Good luck at the Trek. Ahoy, ye mateys.... ARRRRRGH!

Carole Burant said...

I'm glad you're remembering to breathe in between all that! lol I feel completely lazy by comparison...wait...I AM being lazy cuz it's too hot to do anything!! hehe How far away are you from the Falls? We're going back the first week of July and are trying to plan a bloggers meeting of some sort...will let you know all the details soon! xox

anno said...

Nine pounds! OK, I'm off to the refrigerator to eat whatever looks a little dicey...

We must see pictures of you in groovy pirate costume.

Forget about the laundry. It's just going to get dirty again anyway.

Do breathe.

Hope your chiropractor talks your hip into better behavior.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I am on my way to help with the laundry! See you in a few! Huggles!

Damselfly said...

Pirate costume?

groovyoldlady said...

Oh come ON, Damselfly. What would you expect me to wear on a bike trek while directing traffic?

Karen said...

Orange vest! People run over pirates directing traffic, unless they're wearing an orange vest.

Or wielding a cannon. Yes, a cannon might work in lieu of an orange vest. Of course, hand-cuffs make it difficult to direct traffic, but at that point, you can just turn the traffic issues over to the arresting officers after they've secured your cannon in the evidence locker...

Tammy said...

OK...BIKE trek. Good. And pirate theme...better than a TREKKIE convention dressed as Spock. :)

Anonymous said...

What's up with the Pirate costume? I must have missed something! LOL!

An Island Life

Rita Loca said...

Laundry never takes a day off!!

Unknown said...

Bless you Groovy! I hope you got all this done before take off!