05 May 2007

and all that...

Happy Cinco de Mayo. Olé and all that.

Feeling pretty lousy with the cold from hell, but it will get better and life will go on and it doesn't require brain surgery, so I'm partying today, albeit in a low key manner. Naturally, we're having school today and making homemade tortillas, etc.

I'm just THE funnest mom in the whole world and all that.

The news about Heather has been quite good so far. So we are all rejoicing. But she still has a way to go, so we're also still praying!

The girlies finally decided that YES, they do want to show goats at the fairs this year. We are "leasing" goats from our 4-H farm. There's no money involved; The girls pay the lease by working 1 hour a week training "their" goat and 1 hour a week doing farm chores. Fortunately, the farm is quite close to us.

This past Wednesday was their first workday.

Here's Silly-Head and Licorice. A tiny, sweet little Nubian goat that Silly-Head picked herself. Nubians have cute, floppy ears:

And here's Girly-Girl with Emma. Emma is a Lamancha. Lamancha's have no ears. That's just weird.

Leash Training:

The American Lung Association needs your money. Really. They do.

That's why I'm trying to raise money for them by overtraining and getting injured and sick so I can attempt to ride in the Trek Across Maine.

I have a blog about it now - see it in my side bar?

And you can donate online by clicking the donation links on the sidebar.

There are no drinks on my sidebar, but I am baking Mexican sugar cookies today (because I am so fun and all that) and you can have one if you donate.

You WANT to donate. Really. You do.

If you don't want to donate to help fight lung disease, then you want to donate because you feel so darned sorry for poor sick, injured Groovy.

Now I'm off to eat some huevos.

Olé and all that...


Dawn said...

What adorable kids and adorable kids! Sounds like such fun for them, and good learning at the same time.

I hope you feel better soon!! Take care of yourself - maybe you're overusing your body with this training thing

I told DC yesterday that I'd love to walk the Boulder Bolder (or is it Bolder Boulder) someday, but I have to get back into condition before I can do that. Think I can do it in 20 days?? Not!

Carole Burant said...

Awwww what adorable pictures...your girls look so cute with their baby goats! A goat with no ears...I'd never seen that before, how weird as you say! lol I do hope you feel better real soon, having a cold at this time of year is no fun...actually it's no fun at any time of year!! xox

Tammy said...

I love these pictures of your kids with kids! Very, very cute! I know my girls would have loved doing that!
And Happy Cinco De Mayo right back at ya! :) We always do tacos on this day...and sometimes even listen to Spanish music in the background with coloring pages of Dora the Explorer decorating the walls!

Marianne Arkins said...

Oohh... I showed goats for 4H when I was much, much, much younger. I owned mine, though -- an Alpine named "Wistful Vista Marsha Mellow" - Marsha for short.

Man, I loved that goat.

I hope your little ones have as much fun with theirs as I did with mine.

Hope you feel completely well soon.

And all that.

Susan said...

Your girls are precious. I think it's neat that one picked a goat with extra long floppy ears and the other with no ears. Sure will be able to tell them apart. hehe

Dawn said...

The trilogy at least is both - historical fiction about real people. Does that make sense? Then she did a series that took place in Savannah, which I need to reread. I can't remember much about them, either. But it has been such fun to reconnect with her writing.

Ballpoint Wren said...

You have beautiful children, Groovy! I just want to hug them!

I don't get leash-training for goats, though.

Dawna said...

Hi Groovy,
You are definitely one of the funnest moms I know. I have been thinking about getting E-Man into the 4-H program... just need to find a spot to fit it in. I LOVE Nubians... so cute and fluffy.

Love your blog and I am adding your friend Heather to my prayer list.

Big Hugs,

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

My poor Groovy friend! Bless her little pea pickin' heart! get well soon! love the kids and their goats! i adore nubian goats! never saw a breed without ears though! how do they hold up their glasses then? LOL!

Dawn said...

I finally finished the random questions!

Unknown said...

Such cutie pies!~ Your girls, not the goats! Well they are cute as well, but I feel sorry for the poor one with no ears!

Being married to a Mexican, we had to make an attempt at celbrating Cinco de Mayo! He had to work but some of his employees are Mexicans and great cooks! They made some of their favorite dishes and brought them into work Sat. to share with all the other employees. Hubby brought home some of the best food yesterday evening! Refried beans, home made salsa, Mexican rice, chilis with nopales (cactus). YUMMO!

Dawn said...

Okay, what date do you have that story written down? I think I'd remember having read that!!

I have no plan, like most politicians, just desire!

Damselfly said...

I hope someday I can live some place where I can have a pygmy goat! Your girl is too cute.