12 April 2007

Hear Me on the Radio!

It's time for an update and a clarification.

First, the update:

If you'd like to hear my portion of the broadcast on KPBS, you can hear it Here .

Select the broadcast for March 3 called, "'Banned' Words". The whole show is great, but if you only want to hear my part it starts 31:54 minutes into the show (The whole show is 45 minutes).

I just listened to it and I'm still trying to figure out where I'm from. What's up with that twangy accent?

Now, the Clarification:

Apparently my training ride yesterday confused a couple of folks and they want to know what event I'm training for. This proves that either A) some folks didn't read This Recent Entry CAREFULLY or B) they didn't read it at all.

However, I am the queen of blog skimmers (and missers of important information), so you will receive no rebuke from me!

Here's what you missed: My husband and I just signed up to ride in the Trek Across Maine in mid-June. The Trek covers 180 miles in 3 days of bike riding and the purpose is to raise funds for the American Lung Association.

Mulletman and I are hoping to raise $4,000 and we're hoping that you all will help. I'll give you more info soon.

Coming Saturday: Part 3 of The Big Anniversary Get-Away!

*****IN THE MEANTIME, please be in prayer for Heather and her family.*****


Damselfly said...

Cool! I've bookmarked the site and will listen to you later. You're famous!

Carole Burant said...

Waaaaaaa...I want to hear you on that broadcast but the link won't work for me. I keep getting "page cannot be displayed". The very best of luck to you and MM on that ride you signed up for...I knew what you were talking about:-) hehe

Dawn said...

I did read that one, and remember even reading that, because the "Long Rangers" rang a bell. Sounds like a lot of work getting ready!!

I hope to get the broadcast when I have a bit more time.

Tammy said...

Way to go! I just listened, and your voice is just how I expected it to sound! :) I actually listened to some of it that went on before your turn, and I learned a lot, and it was fun! :)
OK...I think I may have saw that Trek across Maine post...but recklessly must have skimmed something. ;) Seriously, that is so great that you and Mulletman are going to try to over 180 miles! Wow!