05 March 2007

The Ultimate Groovy Party Games

Hmmm. This is Day 4 of the party. I expected to have to make a grocery run by now, but there seems to be a plethora of leftovers. And what are these pizza boxes doing here?

Oh well, I guess my guests are just picky eaters...

Today is the day slated for party games. Whoo -Hoo!! I've set up some virtual game tables in the living room for cards and board games. Just help yourself from all these goodies in the game closet:

If you're not into board games, perhaps you'd like to participate in some fun party games from this 1937 book. I think I got it at a yard sale for a quarter.

Let's start off with "You Don't Know What You Are Talking About".

In real life, we would all get together and choose someone from the group to speak for three minutes on a subject about which she knows absolutely nothing. In the virtual word, I'll ask each of you to write 3 sentences in my comments on one of the following examples from page 121 of the book:

1. The sewer system in Moscow.
2. Duties of a tea taster's assistant in Ceylon.
3. What happens to all the pins, needles, and umbrellas.
4. How many dadoes there are on the average lino and why there are not more.
5. Why seaweed is impractical for stuffing upholstery.

After that hilarious endeavor we can solve some "Brain Twisters" together. There are 48 listed in the book, but I'll only type out one here; My brain is already twisted enough!

"An iron bar weighs 40 pounds. Into what 4 weights must I break this bar to enable me, with the aid of these 4 pieces, to weigh 1,2,3,4,5, etc. pounds all the way up to 40 pounds, on a balance. I may either add to or subtract from, but I must be able to produce all the weights from 1 pound to 40."

I'll give you the answer tomorrow (assuming you can figure out what the heck the question was).

What? You hated the math game? Well, here's a puzzle for you wordsters:

The answer to each one of these phrases can be written with just two letters or numbers. For instance, "not difficult" could be rewritten as "EZ". Get it? Ok, GO!

1. devoid of, barren
2. disintigrate
3. a girl's name
4. of whatever quantity
5. prior to
6. a girl friend
7. a fabric
8. an electrical unit
9. a metal
10. to lead in a particular field

Warning. I gave the clues exactly as they were presented in this OLD book, so keep that in mind. Answers? Tomorrow!


Wait a minute. Excuse me. There's some sort of ruckous going on upstairs:

Silly-Head: (Knocking loudly on the music room door) Karen? Karen!

(There's no answer.)


Muffled Voice From Behind The Door: I'm NOT karen. Remember? Today I'm being Sophie.

Silly-Head: Oo-oh. Then can I be Olivia?


Well, glad they cleared THAT up!

And now I need to go take care of Sophie and Olivia - or whoever they are. They're supposed to have some school lessons today. Hopefully we can find a quiet corner to discuss verbs and nouns while you folks keep on partying.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this Party Meme that I made up all mymy-selfself. Enjoy! And feel free to take it and post it on YOUR party site.


Under what circumstances do you wear make-up? To church on Sunday, when I am performing on stage, and when I'm "out" with Mulletman.

Living where? Central Maine where it is currently Spring/Winter, Spring/Winter, Spring /Winter

Tell us your biggest pet peeve. My kitchen floor after a large party!

Iced coffee or hot? Both. And I like tea too, both iced and hot. And I like my coffee and my tea strong and black, except for the iced coffee. That needs cream and some light sweetening. And DON'T serve me "instant" brews. Blech!

May I look inside your closets and cupboards when I come to visit? Sure. I got nothing to hide!

Are you a yeller or are you gentle and quiet? I'm not so much a "yeller" as I am just plain ole LOUD. I've been working very hard over the past few years to quiet down so I don't get vocal nodules again. But If I get to telling a good story and I get wound up - look-out!

Tell us about your very bestest friend in the whole wide world: The number 1 spot belongs to my Lord and Savior, Jesus. He's the only friend I have that I know will NEVER fail me. (Mulletman, my hubby of almost 25 years, does pull a close second, though!)

Ever wish you could live in a different time era? Tell us when and why: Live? no. I like living now with tampons and indoor plumbing and electricity etc., but I would like to VISIT America in the early 1700's just so I could try on the groovy clothes!

People REALLY get under my skin when they________: let their kids act like brats in public places without disciplining them.

Are you nervous speaking in front of people? Almost never. I'm a ham! (Can you tell?)

Right now, what book(s) are you reading? Shepherding a Child's Heart (Tripp), Robinson Crusoe (Defoe), Justin Morgan Had a Horse (Henry), The Bible (God)

Toilet paper: Should the free end come down the back or over the top? Down the back, of course!

Your favorite article of clothing. My LLBean sweatery-jackety thing. Unfortunately, it is also Silly-Head's favorite and she often swipes it carries it around like a blankie. If I can't find it, I look in her bed!


And now I'm off to be responsible and motherly and scholarly and stuff. Catch you tomorrow when I'll discuss subjects about which I know absolutely nothing. It should be absolutely fascinating, so be sure to come back!


Laurel said...

hey, this was a fun post! can i play the first game? three sentences on stuffing upholstery with seaweed:

Caution - sit only if you want to be a Soggy Bottom Boy. What's that smell? But my couch is full of all sorts of vitamins and minerals!

P.S. I'm going to use your meme!

Karen Putz said...

I'm late for the party! I just finished making some candy so I'll put that out tonight on my blog. I'll save a piece for you!

Carole Burant said...

Now you know why I wanted to play Twister...I'm not good at those games needing me to think! lol Such a fun party to keep coming to:-) xox

Jessica Morris said...

Your blog is so fun!! I am going to do the ULTIMATEPARTY meme as soon as I get a chance!