13 February 2007

Just Kidding...

The kids will be here soon.

The kids with four legs...and fur...and no upper incisors...and hooves...and cute little ears (or no ears or drooping ears).

The kids are coming, and we are going to help birth some of them.

Just call the girlies and I the 4-H Caprine midwives.

Oh yes!

BIG storm coming tomorrow. We are all VERY excited about the prospect. Maybe that's because the word "blizzard" makes us think of 1,200 calorie desserts at Dairy Queen.

Hopefully the power won't go out. That'd leave us with no lights, no heat and no water, so we'd have to bug out - in the blizzard. I won't think about that part!

The girlies are tremendously excited about our homeschool Valentine's celebration tomorrow. I have all sorts of "secret suprises" for them.

A blizzard and chocolate and lots of heart-shaped food and activities. We are going to overload on all this fun!

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