31 January 2007

On the Air...

Well, today's my big day.

Some time between 4pm and 5pm EST I will get to participate in a quiz on "slang" AND I will get to expound on my own original phrase "internetherworld".

Yes, that's right, Station KPBS in San Diego, California will be interviewing little ole groovy me for their program, A Way With Words.

I am SO psyched!

The show will be recorded, so I'll let you all know when the segment is aired. If the program is not available on your local PBS station, you can listen to the podcast on the link above.


Anonymous said...

Go GROOVY..... Woo Hoo000!!!!!


Ballpoint Wren said...

Groovy! I listen to that show all the time!

Let me know when you're on!

Karen Putz said...

Wow, there's your one hour of fame! :)