15 January 2007

A New Look

Mulletman had to spend the night in the "big city" tonight because we actually had a real snowstorm (In Maine? Go figure!). Since he has a 70 mile commute, the hospital will pay for him to overnight at a nearby hotel if the weather is bad.

This means I am home alone (girlies notwithstanding - They're alseep!).

This means I can't sleep.

This means I am online goofing around.

Whatcha think of the new look? I think the lines are much cleaner and my sidebar is looking more like a sidebar now.

Should I tweak the colors? Do they hurt your eyes? Any artists out there?

Oh well, I really should try to sleep. I'll need my energy for snowblowing tomorrow.

Night all!


Karen said...

I like the layout, but pink is not my favorite color. It is easier on the eyes than stark white or a tiled-picture background. Man, my eyes hate those!

What I really like is how the posts "float" when you change the width of the page. I wish mine would do that, but I had to go in there and tweak it manually.

Good job!

Carole Burant said...

I like it...I really like it:-) I think it looks good, Groovy! Now you tell me how I could have gotten Pampered Chef items cheaper!! lol Hugs xox

groovyoldlady said...

I thought I did tell you...

Book a party.

Invite everyone you know plus all their best friends. With your winning personality that will be about 8,493 people. Don't panic, though, only 10-12 of them will actually come; You can get outside orders from all the ones who decline to attend.

Pick out some of your favorite PC products.

People will buy and you can get at least some of those products you wanted for free. You'll also be offered hostess discounts on otheer items - there are some GREAT deals. At least that's how it works here in the States.

Have a party and enjoy it!

No time for a party at home? PC does online parties now. The only problem is that all the products will be delivered to you. If folks want their products delivered direct they'll have to pay a drop-ship fee.

Lemme know how you fare!

Ballpoint Wren said...

I like the new template, and I think the navy looks great against the pink. It's easy to read.

But to be totally honest, I should tell you everybody says I have no color sense.

Anonymous said...

Looooking good!!!