05 January 2007


In Mulletman's hospital unit, the schedules are posted on a monthly basis. Typically, he brings the schedule home and his highly paid (cough!) administrative assistant carefully writes all his work days on the calender for him. She is always VERY careful to check and double check to make sure she transcribes the info correctly.

She has adopted this consistantly cautious approach because once, many moons ago, she accidentally wrote down that he was supposed to work on a particular day. Mulletman, trusting her implicitly, set his alarm for 4:45am, got ready for work and made the hour+ commute only to find out he wasn't supposed to be in that day.

Oops. That was not a happy husband day!

At any rate, on yesterday he handed over his schedule for February and she duly began to record and check (and double check) his work dates. This is when a certain groovy administrative assistant began to wonder at some anomalies in this particular schedule.

Mulletman ALWAYS works on Fridays. Always. No exceptions unless we are going on vacation. He also works many Thursdays and MOST Saturdays.

However, on THIS schedule he has the Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after Valentine's Day off.

What could this mean?

Some of you may recall a past incident where a certain sneaky guy secretly booked a *romantic getaway (remember the manequins and kinky women's shoes?) and swept his unsuspecting wife off her feet (also shocking her fashion sensibilities her by packing a black bra for her to wear under a white shirt).

Could he planning something like that again?

This puts his nosy wife/lover/secretary in an awful predicament. What if he IS planning something? Should she act totally astonished and surprised, even though she was suspicious all along? Should she check his computer history to see if he's perusing B&B's? (Nah...He'd use his folks' computer)

Should she get her hopes up and get all excited and pack a white bra (just in case)?

But what if she DOES get all excited and packs a white bra and then finds out that he really only scheduled himself off so he could help take the girlies swimming at the Boys and Girls Club?

Why did he do it? Why oh why?


I need more chocolate!

*I'm still having difficulty with Xanga and making active links (Grrrr!) If you'd like to read about the world's most surprising, fun and insane romantic get-away, Just copy and paste...:


Scroll down to January 31, 2005 and read away!


Carole Burant said...

Pass the chocolate...now you have ME wondering what he's up to! lol Ask him why he's got all those days off...tell him you just noticed it when you were perusing his schedule...see what he says:-) Then hurry up and tell ME! LOL xoxo

Ballpoint Wren said...

Just ask him!!!!


groovyoldlady said...

No, no, no! How can I do that? I might ruin the surprise and that would make him sad and then I'd be sad.

Even worse, he might say, "Valentine's Day? What's that?" and then I would have to kill him and my children would be fatherless.

I'll just have to torture myself (and my readers!) for another month or so until I find out (But I put a bra in my purse, just in case!).