05 December 2006

The Woman's a bit Squirrel-y!

My mom is nuts. Or maybe she is a squirrel and thinks that money and important papers are nuts. Either way, she's making ME nuts!

Today I was vacuuming. I came in the kitchen to find two messages on my answering machine, both from my Mom. Here they are, verbatim - although I changed the storage places for this post so that none of you will rush over to rob her.

No hello or anything, just, "OK...I'm going to put it in my safety deposit box later, but for now I put the CD (as in certificate of deposit) in the spaghetti cookbook. Remember that, the SPAGHETTI cookbook." CLICK

Call number two: "Oh, and just in case I forget, remind me that the money is the linen closet under the facecloths. I'm sure glad you love me!!!!!" CLICK

I do love her, but she's nuts!

1 comment:

Carole Burant said...

LOL Mothers!!! They can drive us crazy but really, what would we do without them:-)