16 November 2006

Wet Weather Warnings

According to the National Weather Service's forcast for Friday: "Periods of rain and possibly a thunderstorm before 11am, then periods of rain between 11am and 2pm, then a chance of after 2pm...Chance of precipitation is 100%. New rainfall amounts between three quarters and one inch possible. "

Ok. So lemme get this straight. It's probably going to rain before 11am. Then it's most likely going to rain between 11am and 2pm. Finally it's going to rain after 2 pm.

I'm sure glad they cleared that up for me!

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Carole Burant said...

Lol gotta love them weather forecasts!!! I always laugh when they say "chance of rain, some sunny breaks, wet flurries, snow, windy"...they make sure to cover everything! lol