25 November 2006

Random Holiday Ramblings

Tiz the day after the day after Thanksgiving and here are some groovy random ramblings:

This year I branched way out beyond the norm and made Wolfgang Puck's Brined Turkey . It was alot of work, but the results were fabulous.

I learned a couple of important facts through this turkey brining and roasting process.

First of all, the recipe requires 3 types of wine. We are not wine drinkers - In fact, we don't usually drink at all - but I do keep regular wines (red, white, and sherry) in the the pantry for cooking. Now I also have madeira and port. Mulletman was quite concerned about all the space these wine bottles are taking up, so he decided to have a small glass each evening to relax. He poured me some madeira and he had some port. Madeira is not great, but it is tolerable. The port? Well, I wish you could have seen his face as he forced himself to drink it! Finally , curiosity got the best of me and I had a sip. Port tastes like something that dripped out of the car onto the garage floor. It was even worse than Moxie! I don't recommend it.

Secondly, I am the only person in this family who enjoys dark meat. Next year I'll just roast a large breast!

Thirdly, give me some flour, sugar, eggs, and flavorings and I will dazzle you with a fabulous dessert. Give me a beautifully presented turkey and a carving knife and things get ugly...really ugly!


Here I am doing my very groovy indian snow dance - note my tiny indian headdress. It was one of the napkin rings the girls made for the holiday meal.

Mulletman, GirlyGirl, and SillyHead share a warm Thanksgiving moment.

The girls helped me set up the tree and after I got the lights on, they decorated it. SillyHead sat in one spot and hung all the decorations in a blob. We love it! And no, we won't fix it later!

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Carole Burant said...

Lol thought you were doing the turkey dance there!! hehe Sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving!! When my boys were little I used to let them decorate the tree and even though it would end up lopsided and such, it was still the most beautiful tree and I never "fixed" it while they weren't looking:-) Such precious memories!!