26 October 2006

Getting Squared Away

Whew! Yesterday was one those days where you jump off the starting blocks and don't stop running until bedtime. As we say here in Maine, "I was right on screech" all day.

Before I raced out the door, Mulletman pulled me aside for a kiss and a hug (aaaawwww!) and asked, "What can the girls and I do for you today while you're gone?"

Ooooooo. A blank check! My response was swift, "You can dust the house. I HATE dusting!" Then I sprinted to the car and squealed out of the garage. As I drove, my mind was busy planning and detailing and listing and musing. Never once did I give a thought to Marvin...

Parties, errands, and shopping completed, I returned home with a very full stomach (beef stew, homemade biscuits and cake), a very full car (Lotsa groceries), and a strong sense of accomplishment. I parked at the door to unload and briefly wondered, "Did they ever get around to dusting, or did they just go to the park and play?"

Well, I'll have you know that they DID dust. Not only did they dust, but Mulletman vacuumed as well (gasp!). Not only did he vacuum, but he actually picked up Marvin and set him in a "safe zone" until the vacuuming was done (whew!) and then replaced him into his hallway home. I guess you could say Mm cleaned Marvin's cage (though he did leave him without food)!

It is one devoted husband who will both clean house AND humor his wife's insanity!

And that isn't all. Mulletman also went outside and turned Missouri into Kansas.

Several years ago, I decided that I needed a vegetable garden. Being the cheap skates that we are, we would never dream of buying a roto-tiller or other fancy tools. Nope. I'm a shovel and hoe girl. I dug out the sod for the garden with my shovel and hauled it out to the woods. I worked manure and compost into the clayish soil. I planted peas and carrots and spinach and chives and beans. I was SO proud of my agricultural self!

Mm was working on the days I was so busy digging and hauling and tilling and planting. Finally, he had a day off and I dragged him outside to show off my masterpiece. He walked around the plot a few times then said, "Wow, you must have worked really hard. How'd you ever manage to dig a garden in the shape of Missouri?"


It has remained in the shape of Missouri for several years now...until yesterday. Mulletman got out his own shovel and squared it up for me. Next spring we're planting corn and he wants it to look pretty!

What a guy! I love him. On top of all that work, he also found time to take the girls to the park to play and he took me out to supper. I think it's time for he and I to have a date. Now where's that list of Bed and Breakfasts?

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