14 October 2008

Christmas in October

No, this is not a giveaway.

There are at least three people out there who KNOW that a Groovy giveaway is a tentative event - mostly because Groovy is notoriously full of good intentions, but equally famous for her failure to follow-through. In fact, Groovy still has THREE gifts upstairs for internetty friends from last year that STILL are not finished and mailed as promised.

Groovy is very ashamed of this fact. However, in ight of her past failures, she is wise enough to make no more promises that she can't manage to keep, so this is NOT a giveaway. IF Groovy ever does have a giveaway, she will have the items in hand and ready to go (minus the address) before she even STARTS said giveaway. No more good-intentioned, homemade ornaments.

I'm not sure why I'm writing all this...Oh wait, it's because I have the magic word "Christmas" in my title. On any less mediocre blog that would mean a giveaway. That's why.

Did I mention that this is NOT a giveaway?

Moving on...

I know this will shock you, especially in light of my not-so-festive approach to the holidays last year, but we've been on a Christmas bent for the past week or two. I've even already bought and hidden presents.

Of course, I won't remember where I hid them come December, but that's part of the fun!

All this Christmas focus spawned the following:

Silly-Head: Why do we always hang Dad's stocking the highest up on the staircase?

GroovyMom: Because he's the head of our family.

Silly-Head: Does that mean I'm the feet?


The girls have been VERY busy - all of their own accord - making and wrapping Christmas presents. Actually, they were bored, so they got out some of the recycling and started painting and decided their creations would make lovely and thoughtful gifts.

We're talking three solid days of painting plastic, glass, and metal trash. For gifts. See?

They're not all here, because Girly-Girl has already wrapped and hidden several. (Hopefully her memory is better than mine!) Silly-Head isn't sure where to hide her gifts yet, so they're still on the table wrapped in their pretty springtime flowery wrapping paper that is so obviously suited to ANY time of year.

The big coffee can, so skillfully (and lovingly) painted is for Uncle Pickle-Nose.

GroovyMom: That's...lovely, honey. But what's Uncle PN going to use it for?

Silly-Head: I dunno. But he'll like it 'cause it's from me.

I'm sure he will...


funsocksgirl said...

ooooh my gosh, this is so adorable! ha ha...i can't wait for my floral wrapped painted trash gift! haha aaaw i miss my girls!

Tammy said...

That coffee can looks like a patchwork quilt...I'm sure Uncle Pickle-Nose will be happy to get that!
We've made my mom several of these home made gifts over the years...:)
We say they're pencil holders...when in doubt, pencil holders! :)

Thanks for sharing with me on your own eye sight struggles...

groovyoldlady said...

FSG: "I know something you don't know..."

Tammy: Pencil holder? Heck, that coffee can is so big it'd hold a whole TREE! :D

Bear said...

...well stick a tree in it and call it a potted plant.

Then after the tree dies, as it's sure to from being poisoned by the paint, Uncle PN can whittle it down to a pencil and put it in the pencil pot. Win-win.

groovyoldlady said...


Anonymous said...

I am too busy laughing at Bear's comment to type, as well as your revelation that you tend to forget where you hide your Christmas presents. You are both a couple of characters.

groovyoldlady said...

Selma: :D

Anonymous said...

Hi! That is so sweet! I loved the "he'll like it 'cause it's from me."

Hope this finds you and yours well. Best wishes with all your projects!

groovyoldlady said...

Marti's here! Marti's here!