27 July 2008

A Party! With Prizes!

That's Right, the romance review website The Long and Short of It is having a party to celebrate their anniversary online.

Better yet, they are having a MONTH LONG party.

Best of all they are giving away one prize every day in August AND giving away a $50 Amazon gift certificate at the end of the month.

Wait, what are you doing here? Go there RIGHT NOW and read all about it!



Don't Wait!


(and tell 'em Groovy sent ya...)


Tammy said...

I just think I may go check this out!

And I was just getting caught up with the last two posts....

Oh, those baby birds. Way to paint a symbolic picture and tug at a mommy's heart!

And I'm so sorry your girls have summer colds and sore throats...no fun! I'd be more like Girly-Girl...in fact, except for the age thing, she and I are twins!

Rita Loca said...

hey, long time no see!!!