17 February 2018

It's February in Maine and You Know What THAT Means!

Ah, February...

It means the weather is schizophrenic.



It means that all four goats are pregnant.  Just pregnant enough to be voraciously hungry and kinda cranky, but not pregnant enough to be fat and cute yet.

It means parties and chocolate, Chocolate and MORE CHOCOLATE because, you know, Valentine's Day! <3 p="">

It means it's time for a my 4-H Clubbers to give speeches.  We did them early in the month and the kids did amazingly well considering most of them had never spoken in front of a group before.  Our club has 12 children ranging from 5 years old to 18.  Some of them need to improve their speeches, but most of them (all of them?????) are going on to the County speech tournament in March.  HUZZAH!

It means GrammaJ is SUPER crabby because Winter is not over yet.  The poor gal (my Mom) retired up here from South Carolina to be near us so we can take care of her.  She LOATHES the cold.  About the time February hits, her every conversation seems to center on how everything is better in the South.  It doesn't help that she slipped on the ice Thursday and is all bruised up.  *sigh*

It means the robins are back.  I have not seen one yet, but I KNOW they are out there!

It means that the donuts are gone and I am successfully losing weight now.  I'm down 5 pounds since my last blog post, chocolate not withstanding.   Go Me!!!

It means that Girly-Girl heard me whining about my non-writing-inertia and has taken on a new role as MY coach.  She is putting mean a novel writing schedule as of this coming Monday.  Go Girly-Girl!

It means my friend just had a chimney fire today!  Fortunately no one was hurt and the damage to the house was minimal.  Winter seems so long here; Sometimes it's hard to keep up with chimney maintenance!

It means the days are getting longer.  I can actually see a wee bit of light in the sky by 6am now!!!!

It means I'm having thoughts of gardens and biking and baby goats - though all of those things are still a couple of months away.

It means I'm done writing for now because I need to clean the pellet stove.  Still.  Again.  Because it's still February in Maine.

See ya next time!

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anno said...

It has been a long, cold winter... the first winter we've ever been worried about draining our heat field (for our geo unit), and the first winter we've ever used ALL the seasoned wood we purchased last May; turns out, the unseasoned stuff we have does not do so well, especially in our high-efficiency fireplace insert. If the sun would shine a little more, and if the temperatures would inch up a bit, sure would go a long way toward easing our worries about keeping warm.

Someone just sent me a picture of a purple crocus, poking through the snow: gave me hope!

Glad to hear about your writing coach/taskmaster -- hoping to see some excerpts from this novel! Maybe soon?