17 December 2016

A Jelly Belly Christmas

Well, we just went through the first deep freeze of the year.  Now we're slowly climbing out.  Why it's a blistering 11ºF today!  And it's snowing again!

Seriously, I am actually pleased about this because it is December and - you know- snow for Christmas and all that.  My brother-in-law is coming here from California and my son is coming from South Carolina.  We need to make sure they get the full Maine experience while they are here.

Of course the last time they were both here and sledding was involved there was blood...

I'd better stock up on band-aids and gauze and tape!!

While we're waiting for them I've been baking like a crazy woman and packing some boxes to mail out to family and friends.  One tradition I started years ago was always giving my children Jelly Belly Jellybeans in/for their stockings.  Happily for me, JBjbs aren't as exclusive as they used to be and have become more affordable.  I was able to select some larger bags this year, settling on 40 flavors in an 8.25 oz. bag for my hubby, each of my kiddos and for my son-in-law.

However, yesterday when I picked up two of the bags I noticed something very odd.  Although the packaging was identical, one seemed to weigh considerably more than the other.  Ever the scientist I pulled out my trusty digital food scale and weighed them.

Here are the results.  Do you see what I saw?

Ayuh, looks like we got ourselves an unexpected Christmas blessing:  That first bag is pretty much double the weight it's supposed to be!  Thank you, Jelly Belly!


anno said...

Score!!! I'd be thrilled, too -- love those Jelly Bellies!

Wishing you & yours all the blessings of Christmas!

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